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Nanotechnology and its use in the Military - Essay Example

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The name “Nano” is used to introduce this technology since most of these atomic and molecular manipulations are done at the nano…
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Nanotechnology and its use in the Military
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"Nanotechnology and its use in the Military"

Download file to see previous pages example Sun blocks containing micro level Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) give white color appearance on the skin due to the scattered reflection of the light rays. But Sun blocks containing Nano particles of Titanium Dioxide, which are evenly spread and thinner, do not scatter light rays, and provide much transparent coating enabling the skin color to appear. Cloths produced incorporating nanotechnology and containing tiny Nano fibers do not retain dust or dirt because the holes of the cloth are tinier than the dust particles. These beneficial changes in the characteristics of the physical matter manipulated at the nano scale can be used in many areas such as medicine, sport, chemical industry etc.
The concept of “Nanotechnology” was first introduced by a physicist, Richard Feynman in his speech “Theres Plenty of Room at the Bottom” delivered at a meeting of the American Physical Society in 1959 (Toumey, 16-23 & Taniguchi). In his speech he explained taking a human cell as an example for naturally existing highly effective, multi purpose nano scale machine and emphasized the usefulness of such small scale equipments.
There are two approaches in the direction of handling materials and making products or equipments using Nanotechnology. The more conventional approach “Larger to smaller” or “Top to bottom” handling starts with larger physical materials and then shaped up or arranged to much smaller final product such as Nano particles of Titanium Dioxide, Nano fibers etc.
The other approach “smaller to larger” or “bottom to top” starts with simple smaller molecules or atoms and then build up or assemble until the final expected product is achieved. The second approach, atomic assembly has many limitations and comparatively difficult than the first method because of the limitations in human ability to sense and handle materials of very small scale. Therefore sophisticated equipments are needed for the manipulation of these materials.
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