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Social Science How do Humans Relate to each other - Essay Example

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Such interaction which can lead to, in ideal circumstances, a very positive outcome. On the other hand, in circumstances which may be seen as less than ideal, the interaction…
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Social Science Essay How do Humans Relate to each other
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"Social Science How do Humans Relate to each other"

Download file to see previous pages Seeking to find something that they can distinctly understand, or even identify with, as it comes to their overall formation of an opinion. To be able to do this enables a clearer idea, or connection, to not just the person for whom a connection is sought, but also that which they are actually saying themselves. In the end, when all is said and done, how humans interact with each other comes down to finding that which we can identify with in another person and seeking to understand such a realization as it comes to a situation(s) which would have occurred in our own lives.
Throughout the history of mankind, situations have arisen that have in return shaped not just the physical, but also ideological mindset that in turn translates into what the mind constructs as thoughts, feelings and ultimately the opinions that are had about things at any given moment. While each situation can be quite different as it comes to a given person, at the root of it can be found an underlying thread of similarity in which another person may find solace in the notion that, to some degree, that which was experienced by them does not isolate them from the rest of humanity, but to some degree, would have been felt by someone else as well. In this instance, a connection would be found and people who may have been complete strangers prior to their introduction, would ultimately find their interaction forever changed by this uniform event that would have held some form of significance to all involved.
“Many people believe that creating the opportunity for personal contact fosters positive attitudes toward members of other groups. Indeed, this assumption provides the rationale for numerous international exchange programs for high school and college students. There are also international “sister city” programs, wherein a U.S. City pairs itself with a city in another country and encourages the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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