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Homosexual in ancient China - Essay Example

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The first one is the age-dissonant sexual dominance where one of the men is older than the other. In this pattern the older man assumes the role…
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Download file to see previous pages e biological men assumes the role of the female in their entire lives and could serve as partners of "male" men who on the other hand do not lose their status in society (Chinese Cultural Studies pp. 1-6 qtd in Britt Hinsch).
The aspects of gender analysis views factors that pertains to sexual behavior that are commonly limited by social ethics. Homosexal behavior is mostly defined by how a particular culture actually perceives it (Chinese Cultural Studies, n.d.).
Like in other countries, homosexuality or the relationship between men is common in China. Being a conservative country in many ways, Chinas Communist Party does not openly acknowledge the presence of gays in its population. Men to men relationships are considered a crime and those who engage in such intimate relationships are persecuted by the police under the anti-hooliganism laws (Aids and Homosexuality in China, 1997).
the “lords and rulers of his time uses their relatives and “handsome men” as official,” paving the way for nepotism and favoritism. This practice generally leads to the mismanagement of the states affairs because the emperors, for their love and devotion to the said handsome men, do not listen to their wise counsels (Dr. Tan Chong Kee, 2007). In relation to this is the story of Mizi Xia which tells that if one gains the love of the ruler, his wisdom will be appreciated and the male concubine will enjoy numerous favors. However, if the rulers ardour has cooled, the male lovers wisdom or counsel will be rejected and he will be regarded as a criminal (Chinese Cultural Studies n.d.).
Homosexuality in China was likewise prevalent during the Shang Dynasty (16th Century - 11th Century BC), where the term “Luan Feng” was used to portray homosexuality in the Shang Dynasty Historical Records. When the Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD) came to power, majority of the Han emperors had “lovers of their same sex,” such events were noted down on historical records. There were ten ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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