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Compare and contrast the effects of the First and Second World Wars on the international system - Coursework Example

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Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of World War One (WWI) and World War Two (WWII) on the international system basically wants to look at the similarities and differences that these two wars had on the international system. In effect, the paper would look…
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Compare and contrast the effects of the First and Second World Wars on the international system
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the effects of the First and Second World Wars on the international system"

Download file to see previous pages trend of the international system has had no parallel since creation Cantor and Land (1985); Tuttle (1988); Goemans (2000); Karsmakers (2003) and ; the combined effects of the two wars changed the shape of the international system than all other recorded wars in history combined.
Kvasnicka and Bethmann (2007) believe that posterity’s perfect understanding of the similar and combined effects of these wars can be enhanced by making a holistic view on the effects these wars had on migration, global population sex ratio and labor availability, and world order. Each of these perspectives would now be looked in context to see how the effects of the two wars were similar on them.
In his book An Illustrated History of the First World War, Keegan (2001) maintains that the world’s population knew an unprecedented trend in location and relocation during WWI. This location and relocation was usually from one country to another or from one city/town to another. Such movement was usually to flee from danger from one part of the world to another part of the world where danger was not so imminent. According to Keegan, such movement was ever feasible because, although this war was termed a world war, it practically did not involve all the countries of the world per se. Infact, some authors like Keegan himself, Banks (2002); Gilbert (2004) have persistently held that the first world war was a European war, arguing that the US role in the war was more of an arbitration or mediating one. So some countries remained neutral and were favorable destinations for people to move from war-torn countries like Germany, Britain, France and Belgium.
Meanwhile, contributions from authors on the Second World War pointing to the same issue of migration abound. Karsmakers (2003); Kvasnicka and Bethmann (2007) and Cantor and Land (1985) revealed that the bombings of the second world war made people to leave their homes to seek refuge elsewhere more that in a y recorded period in history. Such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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