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A management report on preoperative fasting - Essay Example

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The principal contradiction (or argument) is that preoperative fasting as the obligatory clinical practice now acquires new meaning with the…
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A management report on preoperative fasting
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Download file to see previous pages is why it is essential to consider this process from the different viewpoints, through its limitations and weaknesses on the basis of the clinical practices and state policies. Ethical considerations are to be accounted also.
In order to clarify all issues and to define the possible solutions for the existing problems in preoperative fasting, it is necessary to look through the principal notions of the preoperative fasting’ process, the guidelines of the royal college of nursing and other related researches, both supporting and denying the benefits of preoperative fasting.
The need in preoperative fasting has become evident with understanding that the risk of pulmonary aspiration during the elective surgery may be significantly decreased or eliminated through the application of the preoperative fasting process. It has become a legal requirement for the clinical practices and medical specialists. On the basis of the official statistics the cases of the pulmonary aspiration are very rare (about 1 in 10,000 patients), while the statistics also shows that the majority of the cases in pulmonary aspiration take place in the emergency situation (traumas, for example) when the gastric emptying is delayed (Scarlett et al, 2002); the same statistics relates to the cases of emergency abdominal surgery, etc. This statistics may become supporting evidence that preoperative fasting is an essential process in making the statistical morbidity in elective surgery minimal. The purpose of the existing fasting guidelines is to minimize the gastric contents before elective surgery; however the question here arises: how to avoid the unnecessary thirst and dehydration. This is the principal issue in the present research of preoperative fasting, and this issue needs to be addressed on the state level through the development of the new policies in fasting.
being expressed in plain words as ‘nothing by mouth after midnight’. However, the question here is – how it is possible to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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