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Study the advent and evolution of the Mafia, aka: La Cosa Nostra, in Las Vegas, Nevada.Prepare a 6 pages paper that includes an in-depth evolutionary analysis o - Essay Example

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With the courtesy of the print media and the movies, this group of out laws has been immortalized and romanticized and made a prominent…
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Study the advent and evolution of the Mafia, aka: La Cosa Nostra, in Las Vegas, Nevada.Prepare a 6 pages paper that includes an in-depth evolutionary analysis o
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"Study the advent and evolution of the Mafia, aka: La Cosa Nostra, in Las Vegas, Nevada.Prepare a 6 pages paper that includes an in-depth evolutionary analysis o"

Download file to see previous pages ilies have been involved in illegal activities which include liquor, arms and drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, murders, usury, bribes and infiltrating legitimate businesses etc. The group works with their Italian brothers and is involved in illegal activities all over America (World Drug Report, 1998).
The mafia originally came into existence in the medieval Italy and Sicily by peasants and families who wanted to come out of the oppression of the corrupt politicians, landlords and barons belonging to the Bourbon party. Their code was called “Omerta” which meant “manliness”. The code demanded of its followers not to cooperate with the rulers, to show self control at the time of oppression and to revenge any kind of injustice done upon the family no matter how long it takes and what the consequences are. The code was taken along with the migrant families to America and became the strength of their group (Abadiniski, 1981).
While many of those who migrated towards America believed that education was a must to excel in life, the Italians believed that it was an evil from which their children must be kept at a distance. This belief gave birth to a generation of individuals whose lack of education and social status compelled some of them to adopt criminal activities in an organized manner (Abadiniski, 1981).
With the rise of the industrial revolution in the 20th century greater number of people migrated from the Eastern and Southern Europe towards America. The Jews, the Irish and the Italians or Sicilians were the greatest in number. The newly settled immigrants found themselves in conflict with the white natives who felt it was their duty to preach morality, hygiene and Christianity to the settlers. There was a great social unrest during that period and the Reformers wanted to blame someone for it. They blamed the emigrants’ ethnic life style and the alcohol. This led to the rise of the Prohibition Movement and its target was the emigrants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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