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Wuthering Heights - Essay Example

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Although the Victorian Age is typically identified as a time of sweeping social change as the effects of the Industrial Revolution developed a healthy middle class and made it possible for even those born very low on the social scale to find a means of attaining a suitably high…
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Wuthering Heights
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Extract of sample "Wuthering Heights"

Download file to see previous pages As women began to question their social and personal roles in life as well as their increasing ability to take control of their own destinies, the question of romantic love as compared to marriage for position began to take center stage in the literature produced in that time. An example of this debate can be found in the novel Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte in 1847, as it is expressed in the character of Catherine Earnshaw. In the novel, Catherine is seen as a willful, independent, half-wild girl raised without the benefit of polite society or traditional feminine influences. Despite this strong nature and independent lifestyle, however, she nevertheless finds herself wrestling with the traditional idea of marriage for position and the concept of marriage for love.
During the Victorian period, women were beginning, for the first time in history, to make choices for themselves as opposed to merely following their father’s or eldest male relative’s directives as new options became available to them through the growth of the cities. While changes were slow to come to the higher social classes, change was evident in the reasons by which they selected their marriage partner. Even as far in the country as Catherine lives, there existed a struggle between the traditional idea of marriage for family positioning, the emerging concept of marriage for personal gain and the also newly emerging concept of marriage for love. This struggle is most succinctly outlined in a speech Catherine makes to her maid in chapter nine:
This is nothing, cried she: I was only going to say that heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart with weeping to come back to earth; and the angels were so angry that they flung me out into the middle of the heath on the top of Wuthering Heights; where I woke sobbing for joy. That will do to explain my secret, as well as the other. Ive no more business to marry Edgar Linton than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wuthering Heights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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Wuthering Heights

... was recognized by her daughter Catherine Earnshaw as her playmate. Hindley had inflicted punishments and pains on Heathcliff after the demise of Mr. Earnshaw, which turned this wild boy vindictive and revengeful for the future years to come. The Earnshaw family was the owner of the Wuthering Heights; consequently, Catherine got married to Edgar Linton, the estate owner of Thruchcross Grange. Since Heathcliff was also in love with Catherine, he could not endure unpleasant words about him from the mouth of Catherine in the presence of her attendant Nelly. As a result, he ran away from the Heights to return as a rich man after few years. Chapter 15 opens with the Heathcliff’s visit to Catherine (now Mrs. Edgar Linton) in Thrushcross Grange...
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Wuthering Heights

... in Wuthering Heights (Bronte 7). Her employer, Mr. Earnshaw, has a wife and two children, Hindley and Catherine. Mr. Earnshaw adopts a black son, Heathcliff, while he is travelling to Liverpool. The rest of his family finds it hard to accept Heathcliff. The family members hate him and they really mistreat him in the first few months that he lives with them. After sometime, Catherine grows fond of Heathcliff and their bond gets stronger with time. Hindley, on the other hand, still harbours detest towards Heathcliff. In a sad turn of events, Earnshaw’s wife passes away. Hindley’s cruelty towards Heathcliff continues and his father finds himself loving the adopted son more than his cruel real son. He sends the spoilt son to college to give...
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Nature Imagery in Wuthering Heights the structure of themes and imagery in the novel. The whole novel fundamentally revolves around the thesis: How the use of nature imagery depicts the mutual existence of “good and evil” in relation to the key characters in the novel who become self aware of their feelings and bond.  Nature imagery depicts the contrast of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights: The central locations of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights signify the apparent contrast between them as the main action sites with the use of nature imagery. The integral part of Wuthering Heights is apparent in the novel. Characters involved in the plot of novel are...
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Emily Bront's novel Wuthering Heights

... Heights. The novel Wuthering Heights uses symbols, themes, imagery, flashbacks, and allegory to portray the different aspects of civilization and wilderness as manifested by the characters and the story setting. Notably, passionate and unrestricted actions characterize wildness while order and modernity characterizes civilization (Rathje, n.y). The most significant element that brings out the aspects of wildness and civilization is the differences between the Thrushcross Grange and the Wuthering Heights farmhouses. We can see cold, muddy, and desolate moors separating the two farmhouses, which stands alone. Indeed, the separation by the moors can only mean that there is an aspect of isolation in the characteristics and meaning of the two...
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Wuthering Heights

... has contradictory meanings as opposed to having one harmonious and logical meaning. In this regard, this study seeks to implore on the different meanings represented by the above statement and in doing so understand the binary meanings of the overall text2 (Rivkin & Ryan). Most importantly, it also cultivates great understanding in application of literary theory in this case deconstruction. Right from the start, specifically the title, it is quite apparent that Bronte wants to bring to the fore the idea of hostility. The title Wuthering Heights is a direct reference to a hostile point, hostility emerging from unrestricted exposure to whirling winds. At the same time, the discussion of activities and residents in Wuthering heights...
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Wuthering heights

...veil granted by the past adds mystery to the text, and with that mystery the reader identifies a greater possibility for misrepresentation or narrative mistakes. The reader is granted a greater freedom, too, to make conjectures about situations and to construct themes and ideas about the nature of relationships, as well as about the morality or depravity of characters. Apart from the temporal aspect of the setting, Bront's images and use of language creates the idea of darkness and uncertainty surrounding the house Wuthering Heights. In this darkness, the reader is summoned to offer a light in order to correctly view the situations depicted. When Heathcliff mistakenly saves Hareton from a fall, for example, the reader is made to...
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Contrast or a contradiction in the novel Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte

... will ever return. Upon his return, she shows more spark of life in her character and her actions than has been displayed throughout her entire marriage to Edgar. Her last conscious moments are spent in Heathcliff’s arms as she finally confesses her love to him openly, a love he had already been well aware of, and makes him a promise that their souls will be forever entwined regardless of which side of the grave either of them inhabit. The tormented life of Heathcliff following the death of Catherine further illustrates the support for deciding in favor of passion. Works Cited Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1942.... Wuthering Heights As women of the Victorian...
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How to Achieve New Heights for Industrial Jones

The resources of the organization such as the land and the finance arranged through the overdraft facility can be utilized only through careful budgeting. The targets set in the budget will guide the business operations and help in overcoming problems and analyzing the future. The budget shown here will be very useful for coordination of the various activities such as the production, sales and purchases. The sales budget shown here is the guidance for formulating departmental plans. Estimates have to be done for departmental requirements to achieve the targets. After the budgets for the various activities are formulated and agreed upon , the amounts specified in the budget become the desirable limits of spending.
The materials...
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Wuthering Heights

.... Catherine is the only person who befriends him. Mr. Earnshaw defends him but they never bonded. At an early age Heathcliff learns to keep his feelings inward. He never smiles or shows emotions; he becomes diabolical, due to the harsh treatments he received, especially from Hindley. An essay on, titled “Wuthering Heights-Catherine and Heathcliff” agrees that Heathcliff s stamina to endure pain is uncanny. Although Heathcliff was once subjected to vicious racism due to his dark skin color and experienced wearisome orphan years in Liverpool, this distortion had already begun when Mr. Earnshaw brought him into Wuthering Heights, a "dirty, ragged,...
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Emily Brontes Narration in Wuthering Heights

... virtue by means of Standard English. A correlation of Heatchcliff’s speech with Catherine and Hindley, reflects Bronte’s intention to show that his not story is not social at all. She underlines a psychological drama of the hero in such a way. Moreover, the hero becomes a center of the novel and it is implied that not his social position, but his relationships with other characters would attract attention of the readers. Dialect in Wuthering Heights follows fictional and not social paths. Joseph’s dialect provides exact coordinates for the fictional development of the novel. In accordance with Ferguson (1998): “dialect does not out of carelessness or Brontes attempt to thwart the socio-linguistic code of the time, but because this ficto...
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Commanding Heights

...Despite the demerits such as hype-inflation and unemployment, which are associated with socialism and mixed economies, I believe these economic strategies were very helpful during the great depression. In addition, for any economy to modernize effectively during the period after war, state controlled economies play a vital role considering states have the capital to create industries or the commanding heights of the economy. However, it is essential for industrialized economies to implement the free market systems to encourage productivity while imposing little government control to ensure stability, I am in agreement with Keynes that during the time after World wars and depression as many folks were in desperate poverty and had to unite...
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...Commanding Heights Commanding heights (the battle of the world economy) is a documentary that goes for six hours from PBS; it helps educate the viewers about economics. It attempts to answer questions about: the varying ideologies concerning managing of the market, nature of the contemporary economy and strategies employed so as to reach the present economic state. The major drawback of this documentary is that there is a conflict of interest. Just to expound on that, if you watch a documentary sponsored by manufacturers of cigarette, do you think ideologies on preventive care and alternative medicine will be promoted? To add on that, consider this scenario, a documentary of cancer that is funded by manufacturers of cigarette, will you...
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Wuthering Heights

... of this work is to analyze the features, which attract the audience to read such novels. Though, the plot of such stories has the scenes, which can be unpleasant for the reader, for example, domination of men over women, unnatural forces and so forth, they still attract much attention from the audience, which is an unusual phenomenon. This paper specifies on the attractive sides of these novels, which are of paramount importance for the reader. The plot of “Wuthering heights” does not represent anything unusual from the first sight. In its center there are two men (Heathcliff and Edgar Linton), who love one woman. The main female character of the story is Catherine Earnshaw. Catherine is a young, beautiful and egoistic girl, whose...
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The Speciality of Colonial Heights Health Care

Colonial Heights Health care and rehabilitation center provides interdisciplinary support for the medical and physical needs of the patient with sickness and injury. They include neurological events, orthopedic surgery, oncology care, and general surgery. Other medical services comprise IV Infusion Therapy, specialised Alzheimer’s care, tracheotomy care, wound care management, rehabilitative nursing, occupational and speech therapy, etc. Respite care of the hospital provides clinical, psychological and emotional assistance through caregivers for patients who require additional support. Social Services of the health care center include volunteer programs, café dining, special outing, family gatherings, social service c...
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A Critical Analysis of Wuthering Heights and Romanticism

...recognized as humanitarians. Thus, according to this conception a person has to forget about his individual humane entity, which is in other ways denial of humanitarianism itself. In order to respect the human entity of fellow human beings, it is required for an individual to respect his fellow feelings at the first place. Attainment of such feeling can only be possible if he/she feels that he possesses a separate identity, which is very much integrally related to the macrocosmic human existence. In a more precise way it can be said that to realize the humanitarian feeling, a person needs to realize the connection between both macrocosmic and microcosmic existence. In this context, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights contains several...
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Wuthering Heights Narrative Technique

... left to choose between the opposing sides and different perspectives. This distinctive narrative truly sets the novel apart from any of its counterparts because it allows for the reader to incorporate their own ideals and morals into the overall understanding of the story. The reader is forced to play an essential role in the development and understanding of the novel, personalizing the story for each individual reader. With its multiple descriptions and multiple narrators, the novel is groundbreaking in its experimental writing form. This ground breaking and experimental way of writing is what gives Wuthering Heights its unique narrative and modern outlook as is anticipates the up and coming modernist experiments with form. Bronte uses...
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Josephs Dialect in Wuthering Heights and Jane Wilsons Dialect in Mary Barton

...varieties of dialects as Wuthering Heights has usage of Yorkshire dialect while Mary Barton uses Lancashire dialect. The usage of dialects in both the literary works is crucial as the authors mouthed the dialects to certain characters belonging to lower classes of society. The authors by the usage of dialects gave the literary works a touch of originality as real time characters using common dialects were employed for speaking the dialects. In Wuthering Heights, Joseph’s character is mentionable in using Yorkshire dialect while in Mary Barton, Jane Wilson’s character is mentionable in using Lancashire dialect. This paper will focus on Joseph’s character in...
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