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Building technology - Essay Example

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Construction has a long history, particularly in England construction had been a great business, where the United Kingdom remained and remains a pioneer for other countries. In the earlier days iron was used for construction, mainly cast and wrought iron was in use. So it could…
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Building technology
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Download file to see previous pages Iron was in priority in UK during the early times. . “Mass produced cast iron components such as classical columns, Gothic window-tracery, nave arcading and even roof trusses were used in an increasing growing number of buildings”[Faculty 2006]. One of the best example for building constructed of cast and wrought iron is Crystal Palace. While cast and wrought iron were utilised for construction, steel took its full accumulation in construction only during the later part of the 19th century, there are many buildings that are made of steel one among them is St.Mary Axe, at London. This is considered as one of the best illustrations that reflects the skills in construction field of today.
The use of cast and wrought iron could be found in buildings of the earlier times, until the 19th century the system excited. However, at present cast and wrought iron are used in building bridges and dams. This is mainly due to the fact that the advent of steel has occupied the place of iron in residential as well as industrial buildings. Nevertheless, in some of the industrial constructions cast and wrought iron are used to set the roofing.
In the beginning of 18th century cast iron was used a lot and the prefabricated construction technique was practised by using the above form of iron. The property of the cast iron is that it is obtained as a natural source and it has high quantity of carbon in it. Though why cast iron was used in spit of bring brittle is that it does get rust formation when exposed to water and other climatic changes. Wrought iron is strong when get compressed and ductile. In some of the ear4lier buildings, wrought iron was used for roofing.
Crystal Palace is one such building, constructed with cast and wrought iron. The load bearing system determines the technological aspect of bearing the whole weight of the walls. As far as Crystal Palace is concerned, “vertical load bearing” had been constructed. This vertical load bearing was fixed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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