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Compare and contrast the two accounts. What is the perspective of each text How does Diamant change or add to the Genesis narrative Why - Essay Example

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Accounts from the scripture certainly proves that the work of Anita Diamant, the novel “The Red Tent” is of mythological culture, tries to portray another thing which is not really what is written in the Bible. The real intention of the novel is not to show what biblically…
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Compare and contrast the two accounts. What is the perspective of each text How does Diamant change or add to the Genesis narrative Why
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the two accounts. What is the perspective of each text How does Diamant change or add to the Genesis narrative Why"

Download file to see previous pages very important to anyone who reads this novel to read also the Bible, so that he will be guided by the chronological events, the characters and the existing facts that might be destroyed, if a reader will just be depended or hooked to the ideas and emotions the novel injects. The reference here is the scripture, which will be the real basis of the discussion, and relatively how the novel, The Red Tent made slight changes to the biblical story line. By then, a reader will be equipped with the necessary understanding on how a margin line can be created from both, such that will separate what is scriptural and a historical fiction.
Speaking of fiction, The Red Tent is a thing that could be appreciated. Any person who loves fiction can easily grasp and understand the point of view of the author. It is expected that from the original text, a novel can add and modify the real content in order to create the twist of what the true story is, and then produce a beautiful piece without necessarily referring from the actual facts. From the title of the novel, it will lead us to the idea that the whole novel would not really be a Biblical fact. The term “red tent” where allegedly Dinah and her mothers gather together is only a creative thing added by the author of the novel itself. In the novel, the red tent is the place where Hebrew women gathered together during their menstrual periods, and as they gather share thoughts, ideas and their womanly experiences in life. The portrayal in the story attempts to make us visualize a designated place for women exclusively made for them to hide themselves from the community during their monthly periods.
Biblically, it is not true that there is an intended place particularly for women to gather during their monthly period. Scriptural account from the book of the Bible shows that a woman during her menstrual cycle would stay on her tent until menstruation end, but not particularly red tent. Another point is, the practice of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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