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Discrimination - Essay Example

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Overt racism has seen somewhat of a decline over the past 60 years but continues to afflict many different types of peoples in all parts of Britain despite any assertions to the contrary. We now have increased representations of ethnic minorities in universities, as MP’s and…
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Extract of sample "Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages in was an openly racist society in 1959 when a black man, Kelso Cochrane, was lynched in London streets with little more than an apathetic response from police. The perpetrators of this crime were identified by several eyewitnesses but the four white men were simply interviewed and released. Racist murders continue to take place, such as the Anthony Walker ice axe incident in Wales last summer, but this type of senseless racially motivated murder is now viewed by society as a horrific crime against a human being and not as simply a byproduct of ‘purifying’ Britain.
Beginning with the Cochrane lynching, attitudes began to change. This general intolerance of racially motivated crime has gained momentum over the past 10 years following a series of attacks resulting in the murders of Roland Adams, Stephen Lawrence and Kriss Donald. Inner cities were the usual center of racial issues but now in Britain “there has been a shift in the geography of public disquiet, and it is the small provincial towns on the coast like Margate, Dover and Hastings that have become the centre of concern about illegal immigration and asylum” (Back, 2003). While the point can be argued that there is less overt racism now than there was 10 years ago, there has been a resurgence of widespread unsympathetic reporting in both local and national print media which portrays refugees as ‘beggars’ and involved in ‘violent crime.’ This reflects the new surge of racist sentiments across the nation. This discussion examines racism in Britain, causes for the phenomenon and various reasonings for its continuance.
Those of ethnic minority are more likely than whites to live in depressed neighbourhoods, suffer ill health, live in congested housing and suffer a higher rate of unemployment even when compared to white people of similar education and employment qualifications. The majority of violence motivated by racism takes place in economically depressed locations although it is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workplace Discrimination

...conclude this discrimination in the words “The fight between blacks and whites” – excluding the brown race. This may be a result of some negative past experiences or some stereotypes formed from the beginning. Many strongly belief it is due to lack of education that adds to this problem of Racial Discrimination (2001). This Racial Discrimination can be seen all around the society; streets, schools, colleges, public places and professional organizations. Fryer states that racial Discrimination at workplace is a problem that is growing over the time span (1993); it not only creates problems within the organization but poses hazard to governments and other stakeholders of...
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...). This behavior falls under the category of anti-locution, as described by Ruchlis in his article on discrimination (8). According to Ruchlis, this is the mildest form of prejudice, and might develop into more serious and hurtful forms (8). I could also be considered to be discriminated on a social and cultural level in terms of the social etiquettes that should be extended to me as part of my social rights (Ruchlis 8). This discrimination, according to Ruchlis, forms the third level of social prejudice (8). On the other hand, I sometimes act as a perpetrator, too, practicing social ...
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... was issued for me by Holmes County on Feb. 2 2012, a day after the incident of Feb. 1, 2012. C. Legal assistance, when needed, was refused rendering me defenseless: Without tendering any argument or conceding my legal right for an attorney, he just “walked off” and left me in a state of utter confusion. He did not readout the charges against me. Thereafter, it took seven (7) days for HHRCF to terminate me from the services. Thus, I was the victim of highest degree of discrimination that could befall on a faithful employee, who had not committed any sins of commission or omission against the employers. D. Some backgrounder information about my educational qualifications and achievements in extracurricular activities and how I was constantly...
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Discrimination ways of achieving it, merely to meet others’ standards of physical beauty. My friend has been under the impression that attractive people are more popular in the society and it is fundamental to confirm to society’s standards of physical beauty, by reducing overweight by means of strenuous exercises and dieting. Significantly, my friend is just another victim of the discrimination against or chauvinism towards individuals on the basis of their appearance. However, undertaking undesirable methods such as strenuous exercises and dieting in order to confirm to the society’s standards of physical beauty is most objectionable and disagreeable. First of all, it is essential to maintain that the misconception about standards of physical...
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...The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary re-constitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes” (The Communist Manifesto 35). In any society one group is more powerful and another group is less powerful. For example, being physically strong, men have always have privileges over women. This caused racial discrimination that made women struggle for their rights, thus conflict has always taken...
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... from five different sources. These include statistical evidence, discrimination testing, studies on the activities of employment decision-makers (or the so-called 'gatekeepers' who are in the capacity to hire or reject applicants), self-reports of ethnic minorities, and, lastly, the legal action employed by discriminated employees. 2. Research questions and objectives Generally, the proposed study seeks to determine the impact of racial discrimination to employees and employers during the recruitment and selection process. Specifically, the study will try to provide answers to the following questions: 1. What kind of employees would be discriminated by employers in recruitment and selection 2. What is the rate of employment for people...
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... cause depression to those discriminate resulting from anger and loss of self esteem and being isolated by their families and since they are unable to cope with the discriminatory environment. Another effect of discrimination and prejudice is long term effects such as loss of motivation from family members; reduced individual rights through violation of rights, including the right to a conducive environment. The influence of prejudice and discrimination on parenting and child rearing Prejudice and discrimination has direct and/or indirect impact on the rights of children. The fact that children are entirely dependant on parents makes such children subject to discrimination, where at the family level this is referred to as favoritism...
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... to the extent that organizations and entities lose valuable human potential (Crosby, Stockdale, & Ropp, 2007). On the other hand, suits of discrimination result in costly lawsuits against the firms and can result in loss of reputation and goodwill which cannot easily be recovered. It is therefore, of utmost importance that organizations address this area by curbing discriminatory practices. The paper shall shed light on two of the most common forms of discrimination, race and sex. Before delving into specific cases of discrimination, it is important to know what discrimination is and what psychological notions give birth to it. Theories regarding the way people view themselves and how they feel about themselves are aplenty in psycho...
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...of discrimination especially in women exists because of difference in the level of education, earnings, job tenure or the skills obtained from job handling. United States reported a case where, a senior woman stated having been sexually harassed by a male junior. The male was accused of spreading rumors that, in as much as the female employee qualified for the position, he would rather resign than stand to see her get the post of a senior manager. This harassment is termed as overt discrimination (Gregory, 2004). How the issue was addressed The Title VII of the Civil Right Act addressed the situation and declared that all decisions pertaining to employment, termination or promotion should never be based...
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...for a group, but due to some policies, social pressure or law, they might not be able to act on their feelings. Equally, it is a possibility that a non-prejudiced individual can act discriminatorily to avoid being ostracized by his or her affiliation group. The difference between discrimination and prejudice lies majorly in implementation. Prejudice is an attitude while discrimination is an action. Thus, discrimination could be perceived as implementation of prejudice attitude in action. An example of discrimination is a retailer refusing to serve a customer because of the customer’s racial affiliation or a customer refusing service because of the racial affiliation of...
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Gender Discrimination in Employment associated with relatively low rates of pay. And higher levels of part-time working are associated with lower rates of pay, even after other factors have been taken into account. Women’s employment is highly concentrated in female-dominated occupations which are often the lowest paid. Women are still under-represented in the higher paid jobs within occupations. Qualified women are characteristically denied top level jobs in corporate but instead of terming it what it is, sexism and discrimination, this form of unequal treatment is referred to as the ‘glass ceiling’ effect. Women do indeed have to perform twice as well as a man to retain the same pay and position at similar occupational arenas. This discussion will examine...
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Equality and Inequality: Eradicating Discrimination in Recruitment and Selection Process

... practices should reach out the community it serves-which eventually ensures success of the organization. A formal policy should apply to potential as well as actual employees and relate to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, pay, terms and conditions of service, promotion, development and training, transfer, grievance and disciplinary procedures and in making arrangements for working in the organization. The policy should be accessible and known to all employees and applicants for jobs, since it is a significant process that not only helps to fill a vacancy physically, mentally and temperamentally but also helps to develop an employee into a desirable asset. Discrimination defined It is a global reality that discrimination...
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U.S Workplace Language Discrimination

... related to usage of English language during work but also during communication with co-workers, during breaks and while communicating to family members on phone. Due to these restrictions, some workers that are not flexible with speaking English feel problematic. In some places, this restriction is relaxed in free hours. Some employers prefer employees with bilingual speaking ability. Therefore, English-only rule that is employed in various workplaces creates problems for people lacking proficiency in English speaking. They consider this rule as a hindrance for their work. According to 1964 Civil rights law, Title VII, discrimination of any kind is unlawful in any workplace. Thorpe-Lopez quotes the law to describe the contradiction...
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Religion & Discrimination In The Workplace

...of discrimination is something which is not permitted in the workplace by anyone towards any other person. From a corporate standpoint, “The laws against religious discrimination present employers with a seeming contradiction. On the one hand, you cant make employment decisions based on a persons religion. On the other, you might have to take an employees religion into account when making workplace decisions,” Adding that, “This apparent contradiction comes from the fact that religion is not just a characteristic- it is also a set of practices and beliefs. The law prohibits you from discriminating based on the fact of someones religion (for example, that an employee is Jewish or...
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Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence

Media is largely responsible for influencing their viewers or listeners in a variety of ways. It could be as simple as the viewer changing his/her hairstyle to copy the exact look of a celebrity seen on television or in magazines, but for others, media can take over their lives and influence them to think differently. Although not a box-office hit, Crash was given good reviews by critics and the movie even managed to win the Best Picture Award in 2005 at the Oscars (, 2008), including two nominations for two Golden Globe Awards ( This paper has analyzed the movie in the historical context, wherein it is discussed how different races have been perceived by different people for many years through the powe...
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Legislation for Inequality and Discrimination in Employment

...Legislation can remove the more blatant abuses, but by itself can make no real impact on inequality and discrimination in employment Employment discrimination practices have been on the rise. In fact, it is a common practice in the private sector because it is individually driven organization, and the people or the employees tend to discriminate other people from working in the organization because, as a family oriented, they do not trust other people or it is because they have no appetite in equality.1 People discriminate other people because they lack intellectual wisdom, and often, as employers, they treat employees poorly because they are prejudice and stereotyping.2 Consequently, if they do not have heirs to work for them...
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Gender Discrimination in the Present Days

...involve some form of exclusion or rejection." By gender discrimination we mean that women are thought to be inferior to men. Gender based discrimination can be defined according to the United Nations definition as adverse action or differential treatment against a person that would not have occurred if the person had been of another sex (United Nations definition of discrimination). Here specifically we are talking about females as a victim of gender discrimination. The main cause of gender discrimination is that women are treated less favorably than men. There is variety of forms of gender discrimination. It may happen in the very...
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Discrimination in UK Employment Laws

...out of rules enforced by the management which encourage sexual provocation and harassment of employees. Under S.6 of the Directive 2006/54/EC of the European Parliament ( of which UK is also a signatory) “Harassment and sexual harassment are contrary to the principle of equal treatment between men and women and constitute discrimination on grounds of sex for the purposes of this Directive. These forms of discrimination occur not only in the workplace, but also in the context of access to employment, vocational training and promotion.” (Directive 2006/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council 1). Thus, it is very much in Blade Airlines business interests to prohibit such sexual harassment to...
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Discrimination in the Australian Law of Marriage

... interfere with a family, to the least extent possible. As such, involvement with the internal affairs of a family is justified, only when its vulnerable members, like women and children are to be protected (Family law in Australia). This state of affairs is also prevalent in Australia, wherein the laws of the various States, have some such provision. The Aboriginal customary law may appear to be in breach of the anti-discrimination law, which abolishes all differences on grounds of race. However, the International Court of Justice had opined that the legal principle of equality before the law did not imply that everyone was to be treated in the same manner, regardless of the individual circumstances (Challenging Customary Law myths...
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Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age discrimination is an equally critical issue as these other discrimination forms and possesses significant impacts in the workforce (Giacalone, 2012, p.167).
For instance, age discrimination in the workplace has significantly reduced the manpower capabilities within an organization, thereby negatively impacting the productivity and profit maximization within the business association (Snape & Redman, 2003, p.80). Additionally, age discrimination has compelled some business organizations into bad reputations, thereby impacting significantly on clientele loyalty. This means that such firms may have reduced sales, and consequently reduced profits.
Age discrimination comes in two aspects of business organizations. Orga...
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