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Mock IRB Proposal for Experimenta Psychology Class - Essay Example

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Although many years of careful expunging of the United States of America’s racist past has led to most young people considering themselves ‘colorblind’, yet the question arises whether people still do judge people initially on the color of their skin. 250 years of…
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Mock IRB Proposal for Experimenta Psychology Class
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Extract of sample "Mock IRB Proposal for Experimenta Psychology Class"

Download file to see previous pages Then I planned to provide the questionnaire to different students at State universities to gauge their reactions to both the job candidates and their preference of which candidate for the job. By having students of both Caucasian and Black pigmentations take the questionnaire, I’ll be able to derive a clear idea whether racism is still present in the perceptions of young adults today.
Although media and education have tried to erase the effects of hundreds of years of mental and physical slavery from the memory of American children, but the fact remains that prejudice comes naturally with human instinct (Buhler & Heim, 2001), thus even by meticulous education, people will tend to be biased against anybody who is in some way slightly different from them. According to previous studies, racism is as yet present in society and continues to have an adverse effect on the psyche of the African American community (Landrine & Klonoff, 1996). But those surveys were held on a general level, with the subjects being people from less-educated backgrounds as well as professionals and academics. I hope to be more specific and will target basically younger people who would be less susceptible to racism.
In very obvious cases such as gender and pigmentation of skin, it can be easier to divulge whether bias still functions unconsciously (Landrine & Klonoff, 1996), whereas matters such as different nationality, religion, and background cannot usually be judged at first sight nowadays due to globalization (clothing, appearance are similar internationally).
Hence by comparing two people identical in every manner except the color of their skin, and asking people their preference of one over the other; we can easily discover whether racism is as yet still latent in the normal American’s mindset.
Another feature of interest would be whether racism is marked ‘white only’. Throughout history, the Caucasian’s remarkable ability to be hostile ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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