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Human Sexuality: How do Men and Women Differ - Essay Example

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According to scientific research there are four major gender differences in sexuality – men have greater sexual desire than women do, women have a stronger commitment in a relationship, men tend to be more aggressive than do women…
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Human Sexuality: How do Men and Women Differ
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Extract of sample "Human Sexuality: How do Men and Women Differ"

Summary According to scientific research there are four major gender differences in sexuality – men have greater sexual desire than women do, women have a stronger commitment in a relationship, men tend to be more aggressive than do women are and women’s sexuality can change over time.
Sexual Desire:
Men want to have sex more often than women. They think and fantasized about the sexual activities. They even spend money on prostitutes and x-rated movies. They start masturbating early and do it more often that women do. Studies have shown that heterosexuals and gays indulge in sexual acts more often than lesbians.
Sexuality and relationship:
Men have more permissive attitude towards casual pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Women are more comfortable with a familiar partner. Men usually concentrate on particular sexual acts or specific organs while women tend to concentrate on the partner as a whole. Lesbians have a less permissive attitude towards sex than gays. Women look for intimacy and committed relationships in contrast to the sexual importance given by men.
Sexuality and Aggression:
During the courtship, men are very tender and affectionate, but as the relationship continues, men are more inclined towards sex and become aggressive. While women may initiate sex at times but the frequency of such occasions are very few. Coercive sex is primarily a male activity. Women do adopt various methods to attract men but they never used physical force.
Sexual Plasticity:
Women can share sexual relationships only when there is mental intimacy. If there is a break in their relationship she just cannot have sex with that person or even indulge in masturbation, however men invariably resort to masturbation. Other differences show that men express the sexual desires while women remain introverts. Women’s desires depend on the menstrual cycle and the impact of hormones.
Biologically, sexual relationship and is a necessity for both sexes. Sexual act exists between two people having mental compatibility without which it becomes a lustful act. For men it is a release of pent-up emotions and tensions. Women release their tensions and emotions either through tears or through menstruation and men release their tensions through sex. This is a prime reason why men desire sex more often than women do. For sexual arousal women need intimacy, love, and caressing before the act. Men require playing with the sexual organs to be aroused. While men may turn towards prostitutes for sex, women will seldom indulge in such act primarily because they value sexual intimacy and they strongly believe that it can be shared with just one person. Men are also more expressive during the act whereas women tend to hide the enjoyment. Sexual act also resolves the differences between the two partners, which may have existed before the act.
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