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Abortion and Infanticide - Essay Example

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In this article, Tooley, tries to defend the basic moral principal which specifies that an organism should posses a condition so that the organism becomes eligible for a serious right to life…
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Abortion and Infanticide
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Extract of sample "Abortion and Infanticide"

Download file to see previous pages Potentiality principle described by the writer explains about the importance of possession of some property which makes some one eligible to have a serious right to life. For any organism to have this right the property should be there on continuous basis instead of that property is gained during the course of life. The author explains this issue of possession of some property to a further step by discussing the continuous ability of an organism having that property. He takes adult human as a model who has got that property but the human fetus still has not attained that level to be provided with that property so the fetus does not have the right to life based on the potentiality principle. This differentiation he makes by dividing the ability at two levels: physiological and psychological. He states that the physiological properties are same at the fetal level if compared across the species but this property based on physiological characteristics does not allow some organism to enjoy the right life. Once some one reaches a level to attain the psychological characteristics sufficient enough to be recognized as possessing that property with serious right to life. In fact, he tries to defend the idea that the serious right to life is not granted right at the beginning of some organism’s life at the zygote level, for example, in humans but there is some cut off point after which an organism belonging to some species may become eligible to serious right to life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Abortion and Infanticide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Abortion and Infanticide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Abortion and Infanticide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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...Abortion and Infanticide Michael Tooley In his article Abortion and Infanticide Michael Tooley argues that embryos, fetuses and very young infants do not have a right to life due to their failure to satisfy “the self consciousness requirement.” Argument of Tooley’s In the year 1972, Micheal Tooley has written the article ‘Abortion and Infanticide’. This article covered various aspects of abortion and infanticide from the Tooley’s perspective. The essay dealt with the morality issue of abortion and infanticide and questioned based on moral principles. These moral principles defined the basic rights of life. The author compared human fetus and infants to the adult members of various species like dogs, cats, polar bears and others...
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... Abortion Generally, I stand against abortion because all babies deserve to live; however, there are some exceptions where abortion can be justified. In cases when pregnancy threatens lives of mother and/or child, it happens as a result of rape or a child has severe mental or physical illnesses abortion prevents many negative consequences which would happen after the baby is born. However, these cases do not lead to abortion by default; if people do not want to do it, that is their choice. According to Stassen Berger, decisions about carrying pregnancies to term or abortion are made by clients. Using abortion as a tool of gender selection is immoral from the point of view of Western cultures which support diversity and gender equality...
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Ethical issues are posed in this connection, especially in the violation of a woman’s fundamental right to autonomy in her reproductive decisions, which has been guaranteed under Articles 8 and 12 of the European Convention of Human Rights and incorporated into the UK law through the Human Rights Act of 1998.

The first forced caesarean section in Britain was sanctioned by the High Court in 1992. Subsequent petitions were made on an emergency basis, against the women’s wishes, when the lives of the fetuses were perceived to be in danger. As Dyer reports, one of the women had a history of psychiatric treatment but did not have any mental disorder, while there was no question at all about another woman’s...
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Abortion Facts and Statistics

Whether legal or not, every year millions of individual women around the world— of all cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds— seek out abortion when they cannot carry a pregnancy to term.

At present almost two-thirds of the world’s women live in countries where abortion may be legally obtained for a broad range of social, economic or personal reasons. When abortion is made legal, available and safe, women’s reproductive health improves. When women can avoid births that are unwanted, mistimed, or too numerous, their children are more likely to survive and be healthy.
It has long been recognized that the number of abortions can be effectively reduced by educating people on...
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The simple ideology is embraced by some but the arguments are flawed when the realities of abortion are examined. Studies have shown that most women are coerced into committing this murderous act of a living human and that there is no such thing as safe abortions as many are led to believe. Pro-abortion proponents generally espouse that the rights of a non-living tissue that feels no pain are non-existent. These untruths have been widely perceived as facts. In addition, the Founding Fathers of this nation intended to shape not only the legal but the moral direction of American society as well when they drafted the Constitution, the document that defines the laws of the nation. If they were alive today, the Founders clearly would b...
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in context’ (Dilley, 1999, 1), an investigative technique espoused to explain, and definitely make some reasonably genuine sense of, information from ethnography. The suggestion is that anthropologists who attempt to understand social and cultural trends do so with ethnographic materials, hence, to something referred to as ‘cultural relativism’.
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the usefulness of cultural relativism in addressing social and cultural phenomena, such as female circumcision and infanticide, through the use of ethnographic materials. The evidently simple idea that it is a relativism that provides shape to our interpretation poses significant concerns about the definition and application o...
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As alluded to in the above preliminary lines, the dilemma surrounds life; the life of the unborn for that matter. A politically correct argument, which has found favor in the courts of law, is that abortion is not in the category of capital punishment per se (Novak, 2007, p. 45). But, do humans really have a choice? When does life really begin? This essay dives deep into the literature to demarcate facts from fiction, supporting the very premise that abortion, whether legal or otherwise, is indeed murder; for it involves terminating a life that every single individual is entitled to in equal measure.
Tradition and common sense have always been unanimous, though with basic assumptions, that the human race actually knows what t...
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Pro-life, pro-choice, and teen pregnancy issues are covered in this paper.
To understand issues pertaining to abortion, it is important to define the word abortion. According to Butts and Rich, abortion means "to give premature birth before the fetus is capable of sustaining life, as in a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, or a woman's intentional termination of a pregnancy" (73). Max Solbrekken World Vision asserts that approximately 43 million abortions were conducted all over the world in 2008. In average, 41, 237 abortions are conducted or done daily all over the world (Butts and Rich 73). In fact, this figure denotes the average number of abortions conducted yearly at a global perspective. It is worth noting that discu...
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Despite the emphasis placed on the ethical status of abortion in the United States only surged in the 20th century, the truth is that abortion has existed for a long time in human history. In earlier centuries, women used different techniques to terminate pregnancies if they were categorized as unwanted or risky for the mother. This was the case in many continents a fact that saw abortion a common option in Europe in the 18th century. However, the 19th century brought about a change in the perception of abortion. Laws banning abortion were formulated and reinforced in different regions (Bartkowski et al, 2012). In the United States, the 20th century, was a defining period in the debate surrounding abortion. Prior to 1973, abortion...
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...Moral and Legal Status of Abortion 1. True (Reading 10, Page 168, paragraph 2) Rosalinda Hurst uses virtue theory in reading 10 of page 168. She postulates the feeling women get of being bearers of new life within them. Therefore, she postulates that the virtue of life underlies within the sole responsibility of child bearers (Warren 168) 2. C ( Reading 10, Page 166, paragraph 1) The understanding of the beliefs and rights of the growing fetus can only be based on rightness or wrongness through understanding the wisdom of the fetus as a virtuous person. One therefore has to develop the correct attitude on the correct undertakings relative to a rowing fetus. (Warren 117) 3. A (Reading 10 Page 166, paragraph 6) An establishment...
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... Abortion Abortion is the deliberate act ending of human pregnancy before delivery can take place. Many nations have already crafted and passed laws regulating this practise. Abortion remains a personal decision for women in many cultures. However, it is my argument that, women should embrace abortion as a procedure should only when there are convincing reasons. Factors Influencing Parental Involvement Among Minors Seeking an Abortion: A Qualitative Study by Hasselbacher, Lee A, JD; Dekleva, Anna, AM; Tristan, Sigrid, MD; Gilliam, Melissa L, MD, MPH The authors went out to seek factors that influenced childrens decision whether to involve or exclude their parents when seeking for an abortion. According to their findings, most minors...
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Abortion and Substance Abuse

...Abortion and substance abuse Does induced abortion cause substance abuse in women? In the recent past, scientists have focused their study on the association between drug abuse and abortion. Particularly, the link between history of abortion and history of drug and substance abuse has been sought in women. Although most studies have established strong statistical correlation between the two variables, few have analyzed the association between them. In fact, most of the research has concentrated on the ‘what’ question but few have exploited the ‘how’ question. For example, a research done on 700 women found out that those who had abortions in their first pregnancy were much more likely to engage in drug and substance abuse than those who...
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