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A major element in reconstructing a person's physical appearance after all soft tissue have deteriorated over time is the actual skeletal remains. It is far easier when an entire skeleton is intact, but, ultimately, time and nature have a way of eroding the most important distinct features that each of us hold distinctive…
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Dry Bones
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and number] in format: 12 May 2002] Case Study Dry Bones A major element in reconstructing a person's physical appearance after all soft tissue have deteriorated over time is the actual skeletal remains. It is far easier when an entire skeleton is intact, but, ultimately, time and nature have a way of eroding the most important distinct features that each of us hold distinctive. An attempt will be made to reconstruct the physical attributes of what remains of the following four sets of skeletal remains.
Set 1: Body in Spain
The subject would be at least a middle-aged adult due to the missing maxilla and mandible sockets. It would also appear that since the sutures of the skull have completely fused it would appear that this subject is approaching middle aged. It would also seem that this subject may have been a victim of an accident with the hole occurring in the frontal lobe which is just under the browline. This person could also have been a subject of a lobotomy with respect to psychiatric assessment to deal with dementia. The scapular spine differences where the spine supports the acromion process; it divides the posterior surface of the scapula into a supraspinatous fossa and an infraspinatous fossa which may mean that this person was a deformed person through the shoulder bone malformities.
Set 2: Body in China
Judging from the size of the femur bone, which gives us the approximate height of the person, being adult or child, it would seem that this was of an adolescent and quite possible pre-pubescent based on the narrow pelvis and outlet being small means that this was a female subject prior to any childbirth. Since the bone density is heavy, this subject has not been afflicted with any forms of osteoporosis which generally happens upon the onset of middle age or for women, during menopause. The curling up of the bodies and the fusing of the epiphyseal discs being ossified means that it was more than likely these subjects were still forming many of the joints and bones and through the curling up method of burial they no doubt had some effect on the fusion.
Set 3: Partial Decomposed Body
Based on the partially decomposed body and its attributes, the subject would be a female middle aged woman based on the femur and humerus showing epiphyseal cartilage. The bone density being very light means that the subject has no doubt suffered from the onset of osteoperosis and the pelvic angle being greater than 90o.
Set 4: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Sir Richard most probably died prior to middle age since the palatine and maxillary sutures have not fused. It would also seem probable that through the right zygomatic arch being shattered and the right temporal bone being depressed that in fact he was a victim of an assassination. It could be assessed that he either had an arrow or sword, or even a weapon of some sort going through or into his eye it would seem that the injury to his right humerus may be a result of the actual first injury. Along with the injury to the right side of his face it would be suspect that a large object or device did most of the damage since it also took out the nasal spine located at the maxilla area.

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Dry Bones Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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