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Personality Inventories Reliability, Validity, Correlation - Essay Example

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In this experiment we wish to assess a group of 17 subjects on two parameters, Internal Control Index (ICI) and Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale (GESS) using standardized questionnaires. We hope to test the reliability and validity of these two assessments by correlating the results with each other.
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Personality Inventories Reliability, Validity, Correlation
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Extract of sample "Personality Inventories Reliability, Validity, Correlation"

Report on Personality Inventories: Reliability, Validity, and Correlation Introduction In this experiment we wish to assess a group of 17 s ontwo parameters, Internal Control Index (ICI) and Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale (GESS) using standardized questionnaires. We hope to test the reliability and validity of these two assessments by correlating the results with each other.
The ICI questionnaire is an adaptation of Duttweiler's 28 item inventory (Duttweiler, 2004). It is a measure of a person's belief in how much control they possess in their own life. The two extremes are those who believe they possess complete control in determining what they receive in life (the Internals), and those who believe that they have absolutely no control (the Externals). There is much that can be postulated concerning these two groups.
The GESS questionnaire is an adaptation of Hale, Fiedler and Cochran's 25 item inventory (Hale, Fiedler & Cochran, 1992). This inventory is a measure of the optimism that an individual possesses concerning the likelihood of achieving goals in life. A person with a high GESS score has a great degree of optimism in their own ability to complete a task. While a person with a low GESS score is considered to be pessimistic about their own ability to reach a desired goal.
Participants were selected randomly from the classroom. Of the 17 subjects participating in this study, 6 were male and 11 were female. Ages ranged from 19 to 30 years old. Two personality inventories were used in this study, the Internal Control Index and the Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale. Each test subject was seated in a relatively quiet and secluded environment and asked to fill-in the answers on the two separate inventories.
The results of the first administration of the test questions are shown in Figure 1. GESS numbers and ICI numbers were calculated by hand scoring each questionnaire. GESS scores ranged from 86 to 149, out of a possible range of 30 to 150. ICI scores ranged from 67 to 136, out of a possible range of 28 to 140. It is interesting to note that the lowest two scorers on the GESS were also the lowest two scorers on the ICI. From the given analysis, it cannot be determined if age had any effect on the scores.
A scatter plot of the results in shown in Figure 2. GESS scores are plotted along the x-axis and ICI scores are plotted along the y-axis. The mean of the GESS Scores is 122.3, and the standard deviation is 17.4. The mean of the ICI Scores is 109.9, and the standard deviation is 16.3. The slope of the best-fit line connecting these data point is 0.6. If there was a perfect correlation between the two personality inventories, the slope would be 1.0. If there was a perfect reverse correlation, the slope would be -1.0.
It is important that the standard deviation is a significant percentage of the mean GESS score. This illustrates that there is a continuum of people who fall between the extreme classifications of optimist and pessimist. Similarly, the standard deviation of 16.3 for the ICI Scores shows that there is a range of people who fill the spectrum as being classified from "Internal" to "External". The similarity between the standard deviation of 17.4 for GESS and 16.3 for ICI helps to build a case for a strong correlation between these measures.
Duttweiler, P.C. (1984). The Internal Control Index: A Newly Developed Measure of Locus of Control. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 44, 209-221
Hale, W. D., Fiedler, L. R., & Cochran, C. D. (1992). The revised Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale: A validity and reliability study. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 48, 517-521.
FIGURE 1: Results of First Administration of Two Inventories.
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