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Slow Internet Surfing - Essay Example

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When we come online through dial up internet connection, often we get frustrated due to the slow surfing and downloading speed. There are numerous reasons of this slow processing. In order to overcome this most commonly faced problem by internet users, one has to consider both hardware and software problems as nothing can be said with certainty whether it is the problem of hardware or the software that hinders efficient net surfing…
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Slow Internet Surfing
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Extract of sample "Slow Internet Surfing"

Slow internet surfing When we come online through dial up internet connection, often we get frustrated due to the slow surfing and downloading speed. There are numerous reasons of this slow processing. In order to overcome this most commonly faced problem by internet users, one has to consider both hardware and software problems as nothing can be said with certainty whether it is the problem of hardware or the software that hinders efficient net surfing. Whatever the reason may be,
Among so many problems of hardware and software, I will concentrate solely on the problem of spyware infection which, in the most cases, is the sole reason for slowing down the internet surfing speed. Spyware has been defined as "any software that covertly gathers user information through the user's internet connection without his or her knowledge, usual for advertising purpose" (FTC, 2004B). Although spyware potentially harm computers in many ways, the most obvious effect of spyware infection is on surfing speed. When we get connected, the spyware automatically begin sending personal information without the knowledge of the computer user. In this way, the computer user believes he is receiving and sending his required information although in reality, his personal information is being uploaded without his notice or permission. This stealth process slows down the net surfing significantly and the user wonders what might be the actual problem for this dead slow speed.
Apparently, computer users tend to believe that this problem can be overcome through installing anti-spyware software as all of the anti-spyware promise to search and destroy every kind of spyware within no time. However, it is not that easy, nor a recommended approach. In fact, the computer user has to be extra cautious while giving information online. Here are a few steps that are helpful for effectively blocking and preventing the spyware from infecting computers.
Every time we visit a website, some temporary files are downloaded automatically. Through these files, spyware are also downloaded to the local hard drive automatically. So, it is the best strategy to frequently delete all the temporary internet files. Similarly, cookies should also be deleted in order to ensure that no spyware attacks the computer through these cookies. Another best strategy to prevent infection of spyware is the firewall enabling. It is always recommended to enable the firewall which blocks the malicious files from being downloaded automatically. Another effective measure to combat the spyware threat is deleting passwords and other personal login information quite frequently. In order to save the time typing user names and passwords while visiting a specific website every time, computer users tend to store such personal information. Mostly spyware gather this type of information and send it to the third party networks without the knowledge and permission of the user.
And finally, of course, installing anti-spyware is the most effective way to combat malicious spyware. However, one has to update the anti-spyware very often in order to ensure the full protection of computer. Also, it is recommended that one should scan the computer every day with the anti-spyware software.
Through these precautious steps, it is believed the users would enjoy the full internet speed provided there is no other physical problem.
FTC. (2004b). Conference: Monitoring Software on Your PC: Spyware, Adware, and Other Software, April 19, 2004, Read More
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