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Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of John - Essay Example

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Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of John present the same thing with same origin from two different angles - life, ministry, and character of Jesus to be unchanged. Still, one is a historical figure, and the other is a spiritual figure, respectively. John seems to be attached more with the meaning rather than what happened when…
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Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of John
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Extract of sample "Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of John"

Download file to see previous pages Gospel of Matthew reveals the substance of Teaching.Here Jesus' image is of a Messiah King,Anointed One, Son of God, Kingdom of God, etc.with an emphasize on Jesus' kingly rule and divine authority. Jesus' image is drawn through His authority over nature with the means of miracles, authority over sin by forgiving, and authority over death through the resurrection. This starts with the depiction to be as descendant of King David with the miracle birth story. The historical correctness about the lineage presents Jesus more with human aspects and less with the incarnation. The most apparent is the factthat Jesus' image is consistent with the Gospels of Mark and Luke with a dependency upon history. "Matthew collected the sayings of Jesus in the Hebrew tongue."
Taking liberty with the historical framework, the Gospel of John,presents a unique perspective varying not only from the Gospel of Matthew but also from theother remaining gospels. The interpretation is presented with spiritual theme rather than the historical events. With differentiation this provides with John's unique record of his first hand accounts of experiences with Jesus during His life on earth beginning with His identification as "the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." Just in the second chapter Jesus performs His first miracle by converting water into wine; and also He predicts His resurrection. Jesus' image is built with vivid lessons, instructions, and the priorities of life using many parables tolearn from effectively. Jesus explains the significance of having a relationship with Him with true difference in life, in addition to the importance of living life on earth and determining our eternal destiny after death. Here, He is a Jewish Messiah. John substantiates His purpose and the reason He was sent to earth by God. Jesus' persona clarifies the truth about God, eternity, and making a choice to accept Him as our personal Savior. He becomes flesh and makes His dwelling among us. He came to earth in human form by stooping to the human level with a vision of dying a physical death for taking away our sins. From the beginning John's Jesus was with God, and Jesus was God. Jesus is the key to membership in God's family.
Matthew's ministry of Jesus is restricted only to Galilee with Jerusalem trip in the end; whereas for John that is full of traveling with diverse locations. John's Jesus issupposed to be questioned; some explanation is released upon question. Whereas Matthew' Jesus is the preacher with the conclusion without a need of clarification. Both depictions conjure up Jesus to be the God; but Matthew's Jesus reflects a journey from human to God, while John's Jesus remains God throughout. Matthew's presentation is of a human form, initially, that later on develops into the vast personification of God; Johns' presentation is of the God Himself since the onset taking birth as a human to help and save the people. The scenepresented in Gospel of Matthew exhibits a tendency of "no question" because He is the God. Jesus in Gospel of John, though being a divine power, helps people with explanation. Iftheformer is just a Teaching, then the later is a kind of Learning. If the former is a story of Realization, the later is a story of Incarnation. However, the illustration by Matthew is believed to be more correct due to being in accordance with the "original voice" and the historical actuality. The illustration of John is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of John Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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