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One issue that has been controversial for decades is the right to abortion. For years, people, television shows and courts have debated what defines the right and exactly whom is being protected. I realize that it is easy to take a position. Often, television shows depict women and young girls being raped and as a result they become pregnant…
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Ethical Issues in Tv Movies
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One issue that has been controversial for decades is the right to abortion. For years, people, television shows and courts have debated what defines the right and exactly whom is being protected. I realize that it is easy to take a position. Often, television shows depict women and young girls being raped and as a result they become pregnant. I have seen this issue confronted several times on Law and Order Special Victims Unit. I remember, on Law and Order there was an episode where young girls were being kidnapped and sold abroad. There were children who were as young as thirteen. Several of the girls had been raped prior to being sold and two of them were pregnant. One girl was about eighteen but the other was only fourteen. Appropriately, the officers in the show were outraged and to be honest, I would have been pleased to see the culprits beaten to a pulp in the episode. The officers knew though that the criminals involved would have been beaten while being held for trial and for that reason put them into general population. While I am sure there are some that would find that to be controversial, I am not one of them.
In the show, the elder girl has an abortion and is placed into the care of family members. The younger child presented a more sensitive issue. Firstly, her family members had now abandoned her because while she was raped, rape constituted sex before marriage and she was therefore disgraced permanently. If the family had accepted her back, then they would have shared in the disgrace. The young girl was abandoned and left in the hospital pregnant. Olivia, the female detective is understandably jarred and shaken and wants to kill anyone who touches the girl and is arguing in favor of terminating the pregnancy. The doctor in the show explains that the child's body is not developed enough to carry a pregnancy and delivery. The other detective, a male, is not so sure that termination is the answer and feels that the matter should be looked into exploring other options and the fact that he is a Roman Catholic runs into direct conflict with Olivia's view which is that the girl has already been through enough trauma. Interestingly, the show manages to fade to black before a decision or conclusion is reached and we are left to ponder our own thoughts.
What I cannot understand though, is why, when a fetus is killed in the course of a crime, it is considered a crime and yet when a woman exercises her right to terminate a pregnancy, it is simply exercising a right. I think that this material is to be seen in television shows and the news for several reasons. Needless to say, newscasters must do their best to appear unbiased and unemotional. After all, their job is to merely report the news. Television shows however, seem to put a new spin on the issue. I think that it is rather brave to demonstrate the controversy that an issue can spark and the emotions that run with it. Read More
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Ethical Issues in Tv Movies Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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