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Food journal analysis week 1 The recorded intake if we are to base with the table provided somehow showed that the foods that were taken have something to do with the taste of the food. If we are to analyze, those foods that have better taste has been consumed to judge against those who have lesser taste or in other words, foods which I often consume in which my taste buds often taste are those that were consumed more…
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Food journal analysis week 1
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Food journal analysis week The recorded intake if we are to base with the table provided somehow showed that the foods that were taken have something to do with the taste of the food. If we are to analyze, those foods that have better taste has been consumed to judge against those who have lesser taste or in other words, foods which I often consume in which my taste buds often taste are those that were consumed more. Upon analyzing the statistics and data that were provided, those foods which I consume more does have a lot of calories and the intake that I have consumed is more than the prescribed amount of prescribed daily intake that a person must consume.
The example of this is two servings of 12oz coke soda. If we are to analyze, it cannot be denied that the taste of coke is always craved by millions of people around the world due to its taste and this fact is also the reason why I have consumed such amount of soda in my daily intake.
Also, the foods that I have taken do have little differences if we are to base with the prescribed amount of intake in the food pyramid. These differences include my intake in calories which has a difference of 957 calories which means that I have consumed more which may cause build-up of calories and a potential of additional 957 calories a day which would be classified as unused. In this particular incident alone, this would be a prime reason of calorie build up in my body. This consumption was caused by too much intake of soda and also intake of rice and wheat foods. This shows that I have consumed calories more than the recommended food intake of an individual.
Food journal analysis week 2
If there are foods that I have consumed more than the prescribed amount in the food pyramid, there are also foods which I have consumed less than the required amount in the food pyramid- example of this is the amount of fiber which is far beyond the acceptable amount of fiber intake in a day. The food pyramid suggests that 25 is ideal amount of fiber intake in a day in which I have only consumed 9 in that day which means there is a deficiency of 16. It is an established fact that fiber is essential to sweep away toxins in the body and helps regulate proper and regular metabolism which means that meeting the daily intake of fiber is essential in order to maintain regular metabolism within the body and therefore this means that I am 16-point short of maintaining regular metabolism within my body.
To sum this up, the data of my food intake shows that I do have monotonous choices which I took a lot of energy-regulating foods such as fats and carbohydrates including protein which is an indication that I have the potential to have unused fats, carbohydrates and protein due to the fact that those intakes exceeds the total amount of prescribed consumption of the body which would later be classified as unused. Therefore, such unused carbohydrates would lead into build-up of those in the body and will have negative effects. Also, the deprivation of the prescribed amount of intake in fiber is a fact that cannot be discredited since fiber flushes away toxins and build-up. In this case, it is safe to conclude that my daily intake of foods is not a balanced one and would lead to possible health problems if not addressed properly. Read More
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