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Bi-species Culturalisation Experiments - Essay Example

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There were 256 lexigrams on the board. Each lexigram stands for an English word and the keys when pressed sound the respected words accordingly. These are abstract signs and are not linked to the meanings. There are also lexigrams for English grammar such as verbs, adjectives and adverbs other than nouns…
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Bi-species Culturalisation Experiments
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Download file to see previous pages It not only helped the Bonobos to construct sentences but also helped them to develop a skill in grammar. Verbs Adverbs and Adjectives helped the Bonobos to use the forms of grammars just like the human beings can. As in the video, Pambanisha declared the caretakers as "bad", for playing a trick with Liz. It clearly illustrated that even chimpanzees can use grammar like the human beings. If given proper guidance the chimpanzees can work as they are asked to and can understand the language of the human beings. This experiment was a remarkable effort by Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh in finding the effect of lexigram boards on the chimpanzees and clearly illustrated the intellectual power of the monkeys. The English grammar used by the monkeys showed that they can understand what they were being taught. At times the monkeys even reacted to whatever they were asked to do. This was an example of the intellect in the monkeys. The experiment clearly showed that Bonobos not only comprehend the human language but also act according to the instructions given.
Pambenisha didn't go out for several days and thus was exhausted and sick of the environment. This forced her to do things which were quite unusual and unexpected but were of a great importance. To express her feelings, Pambenisha took a piece of chalk and started writing with the chalk on the floor. Firstly in the video it is shown that Pambenisha is writing quite far from Dr Sue but after a while when she realizes that Dr Sue is not paying attention to her writing she moves a bit closer to Dr Sue. And Pambenisha starts writing again near Dr Sue. This shows that Pambenisha is trying to express her feelings and inner emotions to Dr Sue. And when Dr Sue realized that Pambenisha was writing something on the floor she took a great notice. Upon findings it is known that Pambenisha drew an A-frame. This A-frame is meaningless if the lexigram board is not reviewed. The lexigram describes the A-frame drawing as 'a hut in the woods'. This shows that Pambenisha was interested in going out somewhere to another place. Pambenisha does not stop writing over here and she again draws 'a flat rock' which according to the lexigram board is a place in the woods. And she writes further on the floor to express her feelings. This time she draws a 'collar' which she usually wears when she goes out. This clearly illustrated that Pambenisha was interested in going out to the hut in the woods. The drawings were not drawn as perfectly as in the lexigram board. But it can be clearly understood what Pambenisha means if the drawing is analyzed carefully and compared to the lexigram board. This writing of Pambenisha taught her a new way through which she could express her inner feelings and communicate with others. According to Dr. Sew the best possible way to make someone learn is not to teach them, instead of using the language around them. The curiosity to do the same what your beloved is doing, leads to the learning of new things.
3. What is the significance of the Bonobo's use of tools to our investigation of language origins
Dr Sue's analysis has been of great significance and has brought revolution in the communication between a man and a chimpanzee. It has given a new birth to the language origins. It has derived many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bi-Species Culturalisation Experiments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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