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Major factors in managing construction of house - Assignment Example

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Major factors in managing construction of house
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Extract of sample "Major factors in managing construction of house"

Download file to see previous pages The completion of any project is the successful conglomeration of many factors. Construction of house is also no exception to this. The following factors must be taken care of by the project manager in the ensuring that all activities are completed in time.

License from the authority for the construction
Availability of wood, nail, gum, plumbing material, wiring material, curtain, carpet etc
Availability of Labour
Efficient use of resources
Completion of each activity in time so that the project can be finished as desired
(i)Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of network and the WBS.
Advantages of Networking
Helps the project manager to concentrate their attention to the critical activities and their completion in time
Provides the best way of planning and scheduling a project
Give complete information about duration, slackness etc of activities
Suggest areas for increasing efficiency and reduction of costs
Helps to formulate new schedules and when the existing schedule cannot be met
Minimizes delay in completion of the project
Disadvantages of Networking
The realistic time estimates are not obtained. In the case of new and non-repetitive type of projects, the time estimates are more often mere guesses
It is not easy to develop a clear logical network in some cases
The level of network details cannot be determined properly in some cases. The level of details varies from planner to planner depending on the judgment and experience
Lack of trained personnel in the network methodology.
Advantages of WBS
Allows the project manager to understand the scope of the project
Facilitates the manager to understand the various activities, sub activities and their completion time
It provides the frame work to understand the planning and controlling cost of the project
It can be revised as and when required by the manger
Disadvantages of WBS
In case of some projects, certain activities cannot be delineated from other activities because of overlapping
The exact deliverables need not be estimated with accuracy in case of all projects
The philosophy of WBS preparation may change from firm to firm.
(k) Integrate WBS and OBS for the project
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
Performing Department
Project Manager (Andy)
TV Antenna
Make Curtain
Lay Carpet
Builder ( Joseph)
Electrician (John)
Plumber (Tony)
Handyman ( ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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