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Concept of Power - Essay Example

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Resource dependence theory, institutional theory and population ecology theory are the latest three unconventional or unorthodox organizational theories that seek to interpret organizational behavior and outcomes in a completely different light. This paradigm shift in theoretical and conceptual focus and contingency model or framework analysis have enabled a much broader perspective to be adopted in understanding the nature and impact of the organizational environment on the outcomes including organizational goals, leadership, culture and structure…
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Concept of Power
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Extract of sample "Concept of Power"

Download file to see previous pages Resource dependence theory is based on the fact that organizations inevitably depend on resources and their mobility and as result in turn depend on suppliers of those resources (Pfeffer, 2003)On the other hand institutional theory is based on the argument that organizations aren't particularly concerned about task expediencies but about expediencies that arise from the strategic cultural environment of the organization, along with meeting demands put forward by lending and professional institutions. Finally the population ecology theory emphasizes the ways and means through which organizations' structures and forms are influenced ((Hannan M. T., 1989)). For example changing nature of the organization has less influence on such structures than the birth and death of organizations.
In the ordinary sense of the word 'power' enables those who exercise it to dominate over those who don't have it. This explanation seems to be rather simplistic though still the conventional organizational theories have a much wider acceptance in modern management theories. Power is a dynamic concept with a degree of fluidity and much less transparency. In other words the concept of power acquires a newer and more articulate dimension in the modern unconventional organizational theory than hitherto was known. The concept of power has many nuances including that it's associated with responsibility. Thus organizational power can be extended to include corporate responsibility as well.
Resource dependence theory invariably supports these power dynamics in its articulation of a strategic supplier dominated organizational environment. However it must be noted here that modern writers on unconventional organizational theory tend to speculate on politicized organizational environments in order to give a revolutionary interpretation to the evolving structures and cultures. Power is rooted in the organization's dependence on resource providers who might not hesitate to manipulate the organizational outcomes by imposing their weight on its structures and forms. Thus power as a concept in the modern sense of the organizational context is a barometer of organizational strengths. In other words organizational power isn't a simple aggregation of 'individual powers' as such. It has a much wider significance and impact on the organizational outcomes.
The theoretical premise of power is derived from the fact that suppliers of resources have a strategic link with the organization. Therefore it is the suppliers who exercise political control over the organization (Ulrich, 1984)The authors identify and address the implications of anti-management theories within the organizational context so that a particularly significant hidden feature of the organization is brought to the surface. Notwithstanding the counter argument that organizations do not seek intentionally to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The process of leadership inherently implies the theory of power. In relation to this context, power is described as the ability of an individual to exert some influence on others. The capability to alter the behavior or attitude of groups individuals. Power is listed according to five bases such as expert power, referent power, reward power, coercive power, and legitimate power. Leadership efficiency and potentiality is directly proportional to the a...
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"I have no friend, Margaret: when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy; if I am assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavor to sustain me in dejection." (Shelley, 4).
Frankenstein is obsessed with the need to acquire power over individuals, and talks of creating his own species. He is an obsessed individual as he does not take into consideration the...

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...The concept of influence and formal ity are issues belonging to common discussions in line with concerns in management and the study of human behavior. Influence is about the capacity to produce compliance without relying on certain force, power, any formal actions and rules while authority is a legitimate power prior to command exact compliance (Lieber & McConnell, 2011, p395). By this, it is clear influence and formal authority have remarkable differences which need to be illustrated through certain given situation. The illustration of this concept has a clear depiction in the issues of leadership and management. According to Kotter (1998), leadership is about coping with change while management is about dealing with complexities...
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Milton begins painting his image of God as all powerful and all reasonable with the first book, as Satan talks with his companion about the fall they have experienced together....
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Use of Batteries as Power Sources

Plus key issues exacting to a low-side Li-ion protector circuit are converse. The transients shaped when the Li-ion protector opens throughout a brief short or when the battery is unplugged even as beneath load may exceed the voltage rating of semiconductors in the battery set. This theme describes a number of plan issues and suggests solutions to make your mind up or get better them. The resolution of these subjects requires attention to together the circuit design and the printed circuit board (PCB) explains.

If we analyzed the Fig. 1 then we come to know that it is a block drawing of circuitry in a typical Li-ion battery set. It demonstrates an instance of a security protection circuit for the Li-ion cells and a gas...
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The rampant oppression of black citizens remained commonplace in the South due mainly to the racist, pro-slavery sentiments of Lincoln’s successor Andrew Johnson. Racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan emerged and flourished during Reconstruction, a circumstance that would have been much less likely had Lincoln lived. Lincoln’s dream of rebuilding the South and unifying the nation fell well short of his expectations. His dream became a nightmare for Southern blacks under the Johnson administration.

Slavery was an emotional topic in which everyone in the country at the time maintained a strong opinion. Lincoln and those of abolitionist ideology acknowledged that slavery was a part of the American culture and...
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The fact that it gives customers a variety of fresh food ingredients to choose from made the business very attractive to customers.
For this study, a brief overview with regards to a Mongolian restaurant business will be provided followed by discussing the concept and the primary purpose of a business plan. Eventually, the importance of using a business plan in starting a new Mongolian restaurant will be discussed.
In the process of discussing the importance of a business plan, the role of a business plan with regards to the success of a restaurant will be highlighted. Aiming to project the student’s understanding of the subject matter, the point of discussion will include: (1) selecting a good location and the ren...
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Evolution of the Concept of Childhood

Philosophers, psychologists and educationists have attempted to approach and analyse the issues of childhood from either their socio-cultural perspectives or from their respective disciplines (Richards & Light, 1986; Burman, 1994a; Woodhead, 1999). A look at the theories suggests that the concept of childhood and the position of children has evolved down the ages into a child or childhood-centric view. In the research works of both Elizabeth Coates from the discipline of Education and Wataru Takei from Psychology, the child-centric model of research is apparent. This aspect of their research has not only made it interesting but at the same time palpable.
Coates’ research on children and their learning response in an...
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The Concept of Karma in Pure Land and Zen Buddhism

Additionally, the views regarding the concept in different cultures outside Buddhism are also included.
The concept of karma can be considered fundamental in the Buddhist religion. It is related to morality and the manner of behavior of the Buddhists which can be illustrated in the verses of the Sanskrit Dharmapada which expressed that “evil should be prevented to be able to avoid sufferings” and there is no place a person can hide to be safe from karma. This is according to the verses that expressed that “not in the sky or in the ocean’s middle…where karma does not catch up with the culprit” (Conze 83).

These verses express the importance of karma in guiding the Buddhists in th...
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Analysing the Concept of National Interest Defined in Terms of Power

...Analysing the Concept of National Interest Defined in Terms of Power Introduction In global politics, the concept of ‘rationality’ is greatly viewedin instrumental terms. In international political affairs national leaders should embark on a subjective process of decision-making with incomplete and indefinite information. Instrumental rationality does not necessarily involve foresight, but it does expect that the policies or strategies adopted by states embody the rational decisions of national leaders, and that, in reaching those decisions the leaders are capable of assessing and addressing foreseen results (Smith 1999). To these beliefs, proponents of classical realism would insert another: that the leaders reach these decisions derived...
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