Biodiversity of the Ecosystem in Taxon - Essay Example

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A Taxon is a group of organisms. In the evolution of species a Taxon can be considered as a intermediate level. This is a method to classify organisms according to their evolution. A small part of ecosystem are insects. They have a wide variety…
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Biodiversity of the Ecosystem in Taxon
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Abhudhay Dev Order 163437 11 April, 2007 Biodiversity of the ecosystem in a d habitat or Taxon.

A Taxon is a group of organisms. In the evolution of species a Taxon can be considered as a intermediate level. This is a method to classify organisms according to their evolution. A small part of ecosystem are insects. They have a wide variety. There evolution is same as that of other animals, but the time of variation is a little large than animals. The climatic changes and other change in other species caused the diversity of insects.
The insects have a long evolutionary period. The first period of evolution of insect is called Devonian. Development of body parts was the first major part of evolution of insects. There are three major part of insect body namely Head, Thorax and Abdomen. Insects belong to each group of ecosystem. They can live in water, air and on land and trees also. There are various developments in their structure according to their adaptations. Like when insects start flying they developed wings. They also developed compound eyes to have good sight and navigation. To support their bones they have a strong skin.

Slowly according to their habitat they modified their body structure. Folded wings made them compact in size. The latest modification in the structure of insect is the evolution from larvae. This made them to evolve independently. Their mouth, limb, wings and other parts developed. The development of mouth happened according to the food habits. They developed sucking mouth to suck the nectar from flowers. They generally depend on liquid diet. Change in flower structure caused to the change in the mouth structure of insects.
The evolution of insects was a very long process. However threat to them is much and should be preserved to save ecosystem. The major threat to them is from predator birds especially owls. Another such treats are from the loss of habitat by deforesting and water pollution. Change in habitat may also cause death to insects as they may change their food habits and lifestyle. Genetic variation may also cause threat to insects life.
Another major cause is the global warming and natural calamities. Change in atmosphere temperature and other factors causes change in habitat the may in turn causes death. Predators like owls kills insects before growing. The insecticides and pesticides even causes death to a large number of tiny insects. Increase in day temperature also causes threat to the insects. Insects form a large part of fertile land. Reduction in the number of insects may cause the land infertile. Forest fire is a big threat to insects indirectly. Bees, Ants, spiders and other insects are recent evolved insects that may have capabilities to cope up in this ecosystem.
Now a days museums are opened to preserve insects and study about their habitats and other sources of living. Insects are in variety of size and habits. They form a very essential part of ecosystem. They help in decomposition and other small activities. Their preservation is very essential we should avoid deforestation and forest fire. Preservation of forest will in turn preserve insects and balance the ecosystem. This results that preserving the nature will maintain the ecosystem balanced.
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Biodiversity of the Ecosystem in Taxon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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