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Blacks Leisure Group - Essay Example

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Blacks Leisure Group plc is one of the United Kingdom's leading sportswear and sporting goods retailer and is market's largest specialty outdoor retailer. The company's strength lies in its recognition that outdoor activities are not only confined to adult men…
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Blacks Leisure Group
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Download file to see previous pages This diversity makes the company capture a wider market.
The company's strength also lies in the availability of capital enabling the company to weather periods of large losses and allocate budget to cover expenses for closure of its non-performing stores. This is the result of a comprehensive and effective financial management scheme.
Most of the products sold by the company are designed for cold and moist conditions which make it inappropriate or warm and dry conditions. Whenever such weather conditions occur, the company will surely suffer from decreased sales. The company is also lacking in activities that encourage participation and industry growth. It has minimal presence in advocacy campaigns geared towards the availability of land/waterways upon which to recreate, strong outdoor ethos in the next generations and integration of a variety of activities into the active outdoor lifestyle. These activities are necessary to ensure that people will prefer to go outdoors than just enjoy indoor activities.
According to the 2007 full preliminary report of the company, the new e-commerce web sites for Blacks and Millets have resulted to a 70% increase on online sales. The provision of online shopping as a distribution channel presents opportunities for the business firm to increase their sales as they can widen their coverage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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