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Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown - Essay Example

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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown draws the storyline from some strong sources and creates a lot of alternative assumptions that spark human response and imagination. The movie too, as directed by Ron Howard represents intricate surface details that approximates the truth…
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Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
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Download file to see previous pages Mary Magdalene's womb (symbolic chalice) is established to be the actual Grail and the very site of conflict because Magdalene is proven to be Christ's wife and the mother of his child.
There are a lot of fictitious facts that are supplanted both through the visual medium (in case of the film), and by Dan Brown. The author establishes this notion not only through simple conjecture but moulds all available evidence in favor of his theory, which is not too difficult because all artwork (which he uses as aid) contain indefinite signs and symbolisms that can never be anchored by a single definition. In short he attaches exceptional importance to Gnostic theories and fringe writings that he over reads and complicates them in their implication. Dan Brown therefore depends on Leonardo Da Vinci's works to establish him as a member and keeper of this secret that are abundant in his art. The Mona Lisa becomes a testimony to the sacred union between the male and the female and the perfect balance that the patriarchal Church has secretly and strategically fought all through the ages to usurp. He rewrites a lot of historical events and hence it gives him a perfect opportunity to play with the end result. The response to the book and the film actually anticipates a romantic recovery of truth, which is an ideal desire of all human beings. From Plato to the recent theories, all philosophy and metaphysical speculations have been about reaching the Ideal and finding Truth. The novel paradoxically accomplishes this very fact by upsetting a very strong source of truth-The Bible and the history of Christianity. One must give sincere credit to Dan Brown for ensuing such a fiery debate about the nature of Truth that the book challenges us with. The fiction is convincing and hence simulates the Truth that should be and not that is. It fails to be a scholarly work of discovery, but becomes a conspiracy theory builder. The Bible claims a certain Truth and Dan Brown, another. Both depend on human credibility and faith. One must understand the bigger picture and the real practice of faith. The world where the Church is shown to be a villain is a book under the control of its creator and real life, and history has been essentially reduced to a series of orchestrated unfolding. All evidences are put accordingly in order to achieve optimum reader response because it refers to real life objects like the Vinci paintings and plays with readers thirst for a little adventure. What better adventure that to go on a journey into a familiar world, which actually becomes a testimony to the hidden and almost alien Truths The Grail is revealed to be a human, and Christ becomes a literal father and a possessor of a bloodline (sang real), where the entire Christian history is reduced to a single theatrical moment of assassinations (everywhere on the face of Earth where Christianity evolved). The Da Vinci Hoax is a non-fiction book written by Carl E. Olson and Sandra Miesel published in 2004 by Ignatius Press, which states that Dan Brown popularizes unfound theories and seeks to confuse the layman.1 It definitely hurts religious sentiments, but the crucial point of argument is that the book makes absolute demand for the truth. Any demands for absolutism is always a little suspect because it gives undo importance to anomalies in history that have remained unexplained and unaccredited for too long to suddenly be infused with so much Truth, purpose and certainty. The book ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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