Research on a Rental Car Company Called Easycar - Case Study Example

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Renting a car is the most interesting, economical and adventurous way of seeing a new place. One can explore the vast countryside or stop at a business center at one's own leisure while using a car rental service. This sector is expanding fast and diversifying in countries as globalization increases communication and travel…
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Research on a Rental Car Company Called Easycar
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Download file to see previous pages Easycars strives to offer its customers service quality that is redefined. Easycars offers the best in car rental services: latest cars in excellent condition with maximum efficiency and mileage. From efficient no - nonsense hatchbacks to shining limos, they have it all. Each car comes with a personalized service: an attendant/ chauffeur who knows the ins and outs of the car and would only be too happy to help a new customer, GPS equipment to help navigate the customer, a laptop charger, mobile phone charger, easy to read maps of the city with location of major landmarks and hotels. Only experienced drivers with a clean record are hired and made to undergo a rigorous training session before they start work with the company. Each car also comes with a complementary snack hamper and mineral water bottles that are replaced on a daily basis. Booking an Easycar is as easy as booking a flight ticket. Just login, register and book a car through the company's website or through a travel agent. So, there you go! As easy as a click and go.
Reliable and dependable are two words to easily describe the company's services. Easycars has a record of delivering excellent services in terms of reliability and dependability. In the rare event of a car breaking down, the company promises to send a replacement or a trained mechanic within half an hour. This is possible because of its partnership with other local, smaller auto companies and garages in smaller towns across the country. Thus, without investing in an office or personnel, Easycars is able to provide the customer reliable service and replacement in case of breakdowns.
The employees are friendly, courteous, competent and trained to handle emergencies. Drivers have to undergo a strict background check through a reputed security agency before they can join the company. Each driver also has to provide two referrals before joining Easycars. So, the customer knows that he is in safe hands when hiring a car and a driver from Easycars.
Easycars not only has booking staff, but an exclusive customer care section too. The staff is young, enthusiastic and ready to help. The Branch Manager, who would represent the face of the company can be reached on his cell number 24/7.The support staff has different plans suitable to each customer's budget and preferences. They are also willing to accommodate a few changes if requested by the customer. They do not go into forced selling or other gimmicks, instead discreetly allow the customers to make the choice. They just guide the customer in picking the best plan and tariff.
The company has a tie-up with major luxury hotels and a few budget hotels across major cities in Hong Kong, Singapore and India. There are plans on the anvil for corporate discounts and offers, tie-up with airlines and hospitals too. The tie-up with hospitals is the unique selling point of Easycars as there has been a tremendous increase in people from the U.S and Europe coming to India for cost-effective medical treatment. In Singapore, the company offers discounts and attractive packages to groups of 20 or more tourists at Changi airport itself.
2.) Discuss cultural barriers and required adaptation when Easycar enters the Asian market.
As Erica Walsh puts it "Many people can feel overwhelmed when planning a vacation to the Far East. The distance, language and cultural barriers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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