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Victorias Secret Product Strategies and Customer Loyalty - Essay Example

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Over the years the brand "Victoria's Secret" has undergone many different product line phases to lure new customers and to satisfy its older clientele. This research looks into how Victoria's Secret has utilized various marketing strategies to stay within the top percentile of companies that market feminine products for women…
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Victorias Secret Product Strategies and Customer Loyalty
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Extract of sample "Victorias Secret Product Strategies and Customer Loyalty"

Download file to see previous pages This research provides coherence into all of the various marketing activities of Victoria's Secret for the past decade. The conclusion of this research shows that the main reason Victoria's Secret has thrived for so long is due to the fact that they market their products specifically for all body types, and classes of women in society, not just the more affluent clients, or one size fits all customers either. Therefore people from every walk of life have been customers of this company at one point in time or another which has given it is irrefutable status in women's lingerie, body fragrances, clothing line, and accessories for years now.
The company, "Victoria's Secret" has developed into one of the largest female retailers of classy but sexy undergarments for women throughout the past thirty five years. Not only have they entered into one of the top retailer chains for women but they also provide other items that are variant from their main line of lingerie and body fragrances which has boosted their sales and increased their revenue year after year. Since the introduction of the Victoria's Secret lingerie line in 1970, they have been advertising and marketing their products in a habitual manner. Although there have been costs to the advertising it has worked well for the company in gaining customer loyalty to their products (White 2006). The many benefits of advertising that Victoria's Secret has gained are many as well. Advertising can give many ideas about a product to a consumer such as, various price information, availability of it, and the improvements that might have been made on a specific product as well. Without advertising, customer loyalty and interest would definitely be slim for Victoria's Secret or for any company for that matter. What advertisers try to do is impress the consumer and draw them in to the company. Through the years, Victoria's Secret has worked this in a way that if one product that they carry is more appealing to consumers then they have advertisers work on launching a bigger and better campaign to make that product appear to stand out and become more impressive to the consumer (White 2006).
In 1982, Victoria's Secret was bought out by Limited Brands and since that time has continued to grow and lure in young, middle aged and even older customers. Once in the hands of The Limited, the company rapidly branched out to many malls throughout the United States, with 100 stores opening in record time in the late 1980's (White 2006). Also, the company's advertising campaigns during that period and even continuing on into today's time have always been strong and exemplary of what sexy really means. This shows in such ads like the one in 2003 titled, "What is Sexy" This ad earned the company a great deal of gross sales but not only that it earned them the number one spot in advertising within a 15 second time frame (Advertising Age 2003). It could be said however that the company really started to become influential in the feminine undergarment business in the early 90's as research shows that it actually redefined American's ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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