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Fulfillment of an American Dream - Essay Example

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The United States of America has always been called the "land of the free". They say that America is a country full of hope and fulfillment. All some can see was the promises, golden promises that are being offered to those who became citizens of this country…
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Fulfillment of an American Dream
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Extract of sample "Fulfillment of an American Dream"

Fulfillment of an American Dream I. Introduction The United s of America has always been called the "land of the free". They say that America is a country full of hope and fulfillment. All some can see was the promises, golden promises that are being offered to those who became citizens of this country. They all wish to fulfill the American dream.
America was the dream came true for most migrants who were able to find a place to stay here and live a good life. Especially to those poverty stricken places, America is like a pot of gold for them. Money is not that easy in America for like in other places, you really have to work hard for it but still because of America's good economic standing in the world market, they still see America as a good place to work and fulfill their dreams. How a person decide about economic matters are in line with how one will maximize utilities with the budget that they have. (Kabeer) More people see America as a place where they could gain economic stability because in here, they expect equality for an opportunity.
II. Immigration in the United States
Immigration is not an easy phase for those nationalities coming to America to fulfill their dream. It is free to dream, to hope for good things to come and to wish for a better life but not all were able to live this wonderful dream. There are still some who area victims of inequality in America. There are times when one is being harmed because of the color of their skin. Yes, they say that America is the land of the free but that is the bitter irony. That here in what they call land of the free some are being contained just because the color of their skin is black or brown and not as white as some thinks American color should be. These people have not thought of the fact that America is the land of Immigrants. That if we trace it way back in history, the native dwellers of this country are the Indians. So why should one discriminate another when if we look back, our brothers fought for freedom and equality, the very thing that some are not giving their fellowman.
When a family or a person decides to migrate in the United States, you could never say that the family or person will leave his traditions behind. Their traditional attitudes and behavior will still manifest because they have gotten used to it. Though we must not tag them as to what society, they are included but as individuals who have unique characteristics. (Chavez, 1994)
Discrimination happen when you lack the knowledge about the other person's beliefs and practices, thus it could be avoided by having an open mind regarding the views about people who does not belong to one's "group". As discuss by Kabeer in his book, cultural factors occupy a privileged place in traditional socio-logical explanation of behavior, on how people behave.
Life may have been that beautiful in an ideal state but immigration has long been an issue the United States. There were even times when immigrants were the one being blame for the entire economic problem the country is encountering. There are serious implications assumptions regarding the outsider status of immigrants. (Chavez, 1994) This way of thinking maybe attributed to the fact that most immigrants who have not had the privilege of high education are entering low jobs in order to augment their needs (Kabeer) However, this does not mean that the being of the person is diminish that is why they still deserve the same respect that we would give a white person wearing a collar.
We should accept the reality that United States is a country of immigrants, that this country is composed of different nationalities, that makes it even stronger. We do not need to practiced what they do or believe in theirs but respect is what counts the most. Respecting our differences and making it work to our advantage, to everyone's if only that could be.
III. Conclusion
One should not also stereotype a person depending on his or her cultural background. Though we should be attuned to their cultural background, we should eye them as unique individuals and not be blinded on our judgment, as to take them for what is generally know about them though some may not be true. We should be aware of our differences. The mind is a wonderful place to explore if we only knew how to use it to our advantage. Critical thinking is common among adults, those whose brain has been developed in a way that they do not only accept everything that is being presented to them as absolute truth but also has the capability of questioning the validity of the information presented and realizing if it could be accepted as a truth.
Immigrants come to America with the assumption that their economic hardship will be solved here, that they will have a greater life in the "land of the free". Little do they know that opting to live in America entails a lot of sacrifices because there are still a lot that they would be encountering, especially regarding discrimination issues.
If all, have a broader understanding of how we think thus having greater understanding of other people's behavior and the world in general, immigrants will not have a hard time fitting in and the world would be a better place.
Chavez. The Settlement of Undocumented Mexicans
Kabeer, Naila. The Structure of Revealed Preference: Race, Community and Female Labour Supply in the London Clothing Industry. Read More
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