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Film Schindler's List - Movie Review Example

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Thoma Keneally' chindler' Lit i the hitorical account of Okar chindler and hi heroic action in the midt of the horror of World War II Poland. chindler' Lit recount the life of Okar chindler, and how he come to Poland in earch of material wealth but leave having aved the live of over 1100 Jew who would mot certainly have perihed…
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Film Schindlers List
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Download file to see previous pages chindler' Lit i not jut a biography of Okar chindler, but it i the tory of how good can overcome evil and how charity can overcome greed. (Paldiel, 2007)
chindler' Lit begin with the early life of Okar chindler. The novel decribe hi early family life in the Autro-Hungarian Empire, and hi adolecence in the newly created tate of Czecholovakia. It tell of hi relationhip with hi father, and how hi father left hi mother. Hi mother i alo decribed in great detail. Like many German in the outh, he wa a devout Catholic. he i decribed a being very troubled that her on would take after her etranged huband with hi negligence of Catholicim. Okar never forgave Han, hi father, for hi abandonment of hi mother , which i ironic conidering that Okar would do the ame with hi wife Emilie. In fact Han and Okar chindler' live would become o much in parallel that the novel decribe their relationhip a "that of brother eparated by the accident of paternity." Okar' relationhip with Emilie i alo decribed in detail a i their marriage. The heart of the novel begin in October 1939 when Okar chindler come to the Polih city of Cracow. It ha been ix week ince the German' took the city, and chindler ee great opportunity a any entrepreneur would. For chindler, Cracow repreent a place of unlimited poibilitie becaue of the current economic diorder and cheap labor. Upon hi arrival in Cracow he meet Itzak tern, a Jewih bookkeeper. chindler i very impreed with tern becaue of hi buine prowe and hi connection in the buine community. oon chindler and tern are on their way to the creation of a factory that would run on Jewih labor. Around thi time, the perecution of the Jew of Poland begin with their forced relocation into ghettoe. Thi turn out to be timely for chindler a now he i able to get very cheap labor. (Fench, 1995)
The next few year would go well for chindler and hi factory for they turned a great profit. In fact he made o much money that he i quoted a aying, "I've made more money than I could poibly pend in a lifetime." Hi worker were alo very happy. Thi i becaue "chindler' Jew" were treated a human a oppoed to being treated a animal. For them, working in chindler' factory wa an ecape from the ghetto and from much German cruelty. They loved chindler o much that hi factory became known a a haven throughout the Jewih community. However, thing began to go our for chindler, when the German ordered the liquidation of the ghettoe. oon all of the Jew in the Cracow ghetto were relocated to the Plazow labor camp. By thi time chindler had grown o affectionate toward hi Jewih worker that he refued to hire Pole, and intead ought of a way to keep uing the Jew that he had grown o accutomed to. A the Cracow Jew were relocated to the Plazow labor camp, Okar chindler came into direct dealing with the camp' director, Amon Goeth. He did not like Amon, but he tried to get in on hi bet ide in order to keep uing hi Jew in hi factory. Amon agreed to let chindler ue them, and thu aving hi Jew from ome of the harhne of the Plazow labor camp. A the war began to go badly for the German, they decided to accelerate their "final olution" by ending the Jew to more initer concentration camp uch a Auchwitz. Thi i when Okar chindler finally come to the realization that he had the power to help hi people. (Yule, 1997)
The now enlightened chindler decide to ue hi entire fortune to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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