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I spoke with Rabbi Avi Winoku at The Society Hill Synagogogue, and attended Friday night worship the day after Thanksgiving. As a Muslim, I was interested to learn something about Judaism. Through our discussion and my observation I feel I learned a great deal about the Jewish people and their faith, and also how their beliefs compare to my own…
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Download file to see previous pages Also, I knew that Muslims are allowed kosher meat if halal is not available, so I was interested to find out what it meant to be kosher. In Islam, we don't eat pigs, and animals must be slaughtered with a sharp knife by a cut to the throat. Also, any adult Muslim can butcher an animal, as long as they pray to Allah facing Mecca beforehand. Rabbi Winoku explained Jews don't eat pork, either, but they have a different way of determining what meat is clean. Islam forbids dead meat, blood, and the flesh of swine. Jews eat only land animals with a split hoof that chew their cud, and birds that are not scavengers, and fish that have fins and scales. One thing that is the same is that Jews use a very sharp knife and cut across the animal's throat to keep it from feeling pain. But one thing that is different is that, although the Jewish slaughterer must be a holy man, Jews do not require that he pray before killing an animal. I wonder how it is possible for kosher meat to be halal, but that is a question for another day (and another religious leader!). Also Jews do not mix milk and meat at all, so that Jews can't eat something like a cheeseburger.
I knew that the Jewish holy day is Saturday, not Friday as it is for Muslims, and the holiday starts the night before. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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VISIT TO A TEMPLE OR A SYNAGOGUE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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