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Entrepreneurship and Export Entrepreneurship - Essay Example

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This report focuses on the difference between entrepreneurship and export entrepreneurship. Whiled certain fundamental qualities of entrepreneurship are required, there are additional dynamics which are at play. While the Entrepreneur looks for profit opportunities at all times and all circumstances, the nature of export is such that there is insufficient information to gauge profitability…
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Entrepreneurship and Export Entrepreneurship
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurship and Export Entrepreneurship"

Download file to see previous pages This report seeks to clarify those risks and give an understanding of what an Export Entrepreneur must do , different from an Entrepreneur.
The Entrepreneur is some one who takes risks and makes maximum usage of existing resources and also seeks to maximize profit. An Export Entrepreneur shares the same qualities except the risk is a lot higher and the profit potential is also higher.
A small or medium enterprise faces a lot of obstacles because of it's limited resources and size. However there are additional issues which are faced by exporting SMEs . They usually cannot afford an extensive international presence in the country they are exporting. Nor is it feasible for them to deal with extended regulations in the country they are exporting to.
This report draws on perspectives from entrepreneurship, exporting, and contingency literatures to examine the export behavior of small firms. It explores, in particular, the effect of entrepreneurial orientation and external environmental moderators in the export venture creation process of small firms. It is obvious that entrepreneurial orientation is associated with better export venturing, and is the appropriate for small firms operating in hostile environments of a foreign Country's Market. It would appear, also, that this orientation is associated with certain decision-maker characteristics including international orientation and contacts and previous business experience and firm-level competencies.i What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an export entrepreneur Both seek profit from opportunities and taking appropriate amount of risk. The risk in Export Entrepreneurship is that when imperfectly-informed entrepreneurs
search for profitable export opportunities the risk increases by many multiples. Uncertainty can be about production costs, or about foreign demand, The point is that starting to export a product is an entrepreneurial gamble that may fail, leading to short-lived export "spells". The shorter those spells, the more discoveries or new products there should be, as new entrepreneurs try again a few months or years later, incurring the sunk cost of reaching foreign markets anew. Entrepreneurs generally take a lot of risks. A Entrepreneur running a SME, has to make sure that he is well funded to buy stock and pay for overhead and employee salaries. The entrepreneur also needs to know he will be able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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