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Law in relation to Data Protection - Essay Example

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Handling of different Data is a complicated issue. Perhaps, one would say that data exist for references and similar functions. In dealing with data, there are a lot of factors to consider. The classification of it perhaps should not be taken for granted as there are data that are vital to everybody's knowledge which is called public data and there are data that should be kept confidential as they do contain delicate information that could harm or malign those who own it if someone manages to secure such information…
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Law in relation to Data Protection
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Download file to see previous pages In the present set-up of the society, a lot of people's data are misused by others for money laundering, loans, misrepresentations and other similar occurrences which sometimes creates unfavorable scenario those who owns such data. In doing such, the people who handle data must realize that they are the ones who are being trusted to keep such variables and their primary concern is to keep those as confidential as possible.
The case of Creative is no different from the aforementioned premise as they deal with numerous data from the people who in one way or the other factors for them to generate income. In this case, they must bear in mind that they should be responsible in storing and keeping such entries. Also, the awareness of Creative that they are accountable to the law should there be cases of leakage and mishandlings of data.
In dealing with similar occurrences, the example of Creative computers suggests that this company has the freehand of access of data from both the buyers and sellers of the computers. Upon reviewing their process of data, one might say that Creative Computers is organized in sorting the information of data from the buyer and seller which is a practical way of referencing. In this case, the data would help Creative computers track transactions that entered the company and therefore it is very crucial to have these kinds of data. Also, several factors including the profile of the person who sells the computer unit is a vital data for Creative Computers as this kind of practice assures them that the quality and the origin of the computer units to be sold. It is a common thought that computers do not have serial numbers and they are not subject for registration like vehicles in which in case of loss and similar instances could be traced down because of its plate numbers.
The move of creative company to obtain details from the two parties would also help them locate the sellers if in case there are problems that would arise-instances such as warranty concerns, theft and other related phenomenon are of big help in resolving these kinds of problems. The sorting out of data is indeed a good step for the sake of classification which would prevent confusion in the future should there be changes in the company or with these two parties.

However, in handling these data, there are a lot of queries that are in need of answers. There are things that are needed to be clarified in order to ensure that the data that are being obtained are kept within the prescribed bounds of law. On the second thought, Creative Computers must be aware that there would come a time that problems might arise with regards to handling of data.
There are scenarios that might confuse Creative Computers with regards to handling of Data. For example, a certain customer who bought the computer from the seller wishes to obtain the information from the seller as police authorities accused the latter as involved in fencing as it was known to them that the computer set was stolen. The problem is, does creative computers owns the right of divulging the information to the buyer
Another scenario would be there is a mistake committed by the seller as he sold the other item rather than the intended one. To be able to obtain the computer set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Law in Relation to Data Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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