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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Different Methods of Teaching Algebra - Essay Example

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(Your School's Name), the school where I work as a teacher, has an enrichment program to teach algebra to students weak in this area. Three teaching methods have been identified that could be used to improve students' skills in this area. The first is the traditional classroom teaching method (A), the second method incorporates visual tools and models such as graphic calculators (B), and the third method incorporates games such as chess (C).
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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Different Methods of Teaching Algebra

Extract of sample "Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Different Methods of Teaching Algebra"

Download file to see previous pages I conducted an experiment designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the above three different methods of teaching algebra. Participating students were randomly assigned to one of the three treatments. An enrichment lesson was conducted with each group of students using each method. An algebra test was given at the end of the lesson. The below table shows the scores of the students for each method of teaching algebra. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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