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Healthcare Ethics - Case Study Example

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The first module focuses on the competing interests/rights and ethical principles that may apply about healthcare. Healthcare ethics is very important in every medical situation where in most of the medical students were challenged as to how they should handle such situations on operating, for example, an x-ray…
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Healthcare Ethics Case Study
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Extract of sample "Healthcare Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages As part of his training, Alex is rotating through the emergency room and has been asked to take x-rays of the head and neck of an alert yet seriously injured patient Mr. Hanson. The x-ray supervisor/instructor, Ms. Dubois, is present when Alex attempts the x-rays that require the patient to be manipulated into particular and potentially painful positions. Nothing is said to the patient other than "we are going to take some x-rays sir!" After three unsuccessful attempts, the patient complains about the pain and the x-ray supervisor takes over and completes the procedures with success.
Now, the importance of discussing this topic is in order for us to know the possible risks in medical trainings. If you were a student of some sort of a medical/health care and you don't know what to do next to proceed on to the next step and you forgot to seek assistance on your superior, it is essential to learn the ethics in healthcare.
Sometimes, we neglect the importance of knowing the moral standards in every medical aspect. We just rely on our own capabilities and confidently do what it needs to be done and we forgot to consider some other things on handling that kind of situation.
Now, let us deal with these following questions: (1) identify the people/parties that have a stake or interest in the scenario mentioned above, and explain how the interests may conflict. (2) Identify the ethical principles that may be applied in resolving the dilemma in the scenario. Discuss the prima facie duties and principles.
The people/parties that are related in this scenario are the medical students who currently undergo trainings with the help of their instructors. But there are situations where in the instructor failed to inform the patient that he/she is with a student. It is good to expose the students on such trainings but they also need to consider some other things, such as educating the trainees well when it comes to proper healthcare ethics. Conflicts may rise if this cannot be fulfilled. But, it is also the responsibility of the trainer to remind the student to comply on all the instructions and it is important to orient the student first on how to have the right approach on every patient even though the student was on training. It is the right of the student to be well-informed, in order for him to know everything well.
The ethical principle that can be applied on this scenario/situation is to have beneficence and that is to act in the best interest of the patient and to be more sensitive in the needs of every patient.
And that is the end of this paper about the healthcare ethics that should be practiced on actual hospital/clinic duties or even on trainings.
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Healthcare Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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