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Perennial Insurance - Case Study Example

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Perennial Insurance, which has the reputation of being one of the best company's within the insurance business, has long been recognized for its wide range of policy options and extremely competitive prices. A member of the international global financial services group, ASTRAX Group based in the United States, Perennial Insurance conducts its business in accordance with ASTRAX's Business Principles and Practices, which are based on the following core values: responsive to the needs each individual client; professionalism; entrepreneurship; teamwork and integrity…
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Perennial Insurance
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Extract of sample "Perennial Insurance"

Download file to see previous pages .. Start Living Now!" encapsulates our philosophy that the insurance that Perennial offers enables optimum life choices that allow you, our valued customer, to start living your life in the way that you choose.
It is due to this commitment to your needs that Perennial Insurance has decided to introduce you to our top three summer insurance packages. Each package contains a wide variety of benefits, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs, and each is available at an extremely competitive price. In addition, with the summer holidays just around the corner, each has been designed to ensure you peace of mind, leaving you to just relax and have fun. However, best of all, Perennial Insurance is offering you a full 10% discount on all policies during the 14 days following the reception of this letter. So, what are you waiting for Take a look at these exceptional offers and then contact us for an interview.
Overseas medical expenses, following either an illness or injury, you policy will cover any medical, hospital, and/or ambulance needs and treatment. Individuals are covers up to 5,000,000 and families up to 10,000,000.
Emergency dental treatment up to $500 per person.
In case of death, your policy covers your burial or cremation overseas, or for the transportation of your remains to your country of residence.
Cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances.
Theft or damage to your personal belongings, including travel documents
Should you have to interrupt your voyage due to either injury or illness, you are covered for additional accommodation, travel and evacuation expenses.
Standard packages from just $18.99!
Rest assured than Perennial Insurance will continue to strive to be the number one insurance provider within our town, through delivering a premier service that offers high quality products that are designed to meet your needs. As such, we look forward to a mutually ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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