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Marketing Strategy College - Essay Example

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In order for a business to grow and achieve market leadership, it must create a strong market orientation. The company must seek to understand the customer needs and develop its marketing strategies in response to those needs. The strategies should aim at attracting, satisfying and retaining target customers…
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Marketing Strategy College Essay
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Download file to see previous pages These products will be marketed with unique capabilities and innovative designs that would differentiate it from its competitors. The products would be positioned as a highly differentiated product that adds value to the customers.
The high-technology market is very much competitive with existing rivalry between successful companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Dell. Each company desires leadership in the market and utilizes aggressive marketing strategies in order to position their products as the preferred product in the technology market.
EJ's Innovation and More will be playing in the same market and would compete with these companies. The company aims to market its desktops and laptops in all the fifty states of United States and its territories. It is the goal of the company to penetrate the US market and acquire its share.
The high-technology market can be segmented according to the different operating variables of the customers and their buying behavior. The table below summarizes the segmentation in the technology market.
The end-users are mostly working in technology professions. The customers are made up of commercial artists, designers and creators. They are interested in the number of capabilities and the latest developments in computing. They are innovators who look for new ways to produce better service in their profession. They buy value-added computers at par with the value for their money.
(Secondary Target Segment of EJ's Innovation & More)
The end-users are lured by friendly design of the product, technical support and reassurance from marketers. The customers are made up of high-tech managers and their assistants. They want computers that satisfy their need for status but are easy to use. Companies mostly purchase their computers.
The end-users have few motivations with few inhibitions to adopt technologies. The customers are made up of home producers and parents who prefer computers that can be used for a variety of purposes and are not highly priced.
The end-users should be offered high levels of reassurance about the safety and security of technologies. The customers are mostly businesses that deal with sensitive materials such as banks and government agencies.
The end-users may be reached out by being offered streamlined and easy-to-use offerings. The customers are mostly modern students who prefer economical packages.
Service Quality
Joseph Juran, a quality management guru, emphasized the role of management and stressed the definition of good quality as satisfying customer requirements and demand (Beckford, 2002). In service quality, the perception of the customer is ultimately the measurement of quality such that measuring customer satisfaction is the most common method of determining quality. However, the issues which determine customer satisfaction are varied and are often affected with the mood of the customer as with the provision of service (Rowbotham, Galloway, & Azhashemi, 2007). The customers tend to evaluate service quality through personal comparison with what they expect against what they perceive and experience. Several factors can influence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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