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Teaching of Psychology - Essay Example

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You have an organ in your head. Part of that organ is called the cerebral Cortex. This nifty gadget transforms matter into consciousness. With it we can do what no other organism on this Planet has ever been able to do. We can change ourselves. Think of the Possibilities."
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Teaching of Psychology
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Extract of sample "Teaching of Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages To understand the mind and its complications is not simple. But there have been attempts and many successful ones. In fact, the interpretation of the psyche has developed as a formal academic discipline - 'Psychology'. Psychology is an extensive field amd its ambit is an amalgam of research and teaching. Teaching of psychology becomes very significant in the contemporary individualistic and collective notions of this multi-cultural global society.
Teaching is a very responsible activity. The teacher's words can make or mar perspectives. Therefore it requires a thorough expertise on the subject matter as well as the ability to put across the subject effectively. In the area of psychology, the teacher generally has to balance between his/her role of a psychologist and a teacher. The 'how of learning' becomes very important in the teaching of psychology. This is because it has to tread the path of commonalities differences, the impact of culture as well as the benefits and challenges that human diversity brings to relationships and communities.
Psychology teaching should be a journey of insight, emotions and imagination. It is very important for the teacher to foster the development of independent, critical thought, evaluative skills, depth of learning, to explore ideas and questions. Teaching of psychology is better performed through demonstration. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching of Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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