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Underage Drinking - Essay Example

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Underage drinking has grown to be a major problem not only in the US but also in the whole world. While the problem of binge drinking has been growing to be a health issue in the nation, underage drinking has made it difficult for the authority to deal with the alcohol problem…
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Underage Drinking
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Extract of sample "Underage Drinking"

Download file to see previous pages Lacks of legal framework coupled by moral decay in the society are the two main barriers to mitigating the problem of underage drinking.
The number of young people engaging in underage drinking has been increasing with time. Everyday there are more than 5,000 kids in the US who are aged 16 and below who have the first full alcoholic drink. Statistics have shown that alcohol is the most abused substance compared to other like tobacco, marijuana, or other hard drugs by the young people. The average age of drinking has been set ad 12 to 17 years although the average age at which kids are introduced to alcoholic drinks is at 13 years. The episode of binge dirking has also been increasing with time. It is shown that the level of binge drinking by young people has increased by more that a half compared to the level in 1990s. Between 1993 and 2001 studies have found out that more than 56% of the kids aged between 13 and 20 had at least one binge drinking occasion in the past 30 days. A recent study has show that more than 10.8 million persons between the age of 12 and 20 reported to have been drinking alcohol in the past one month. Almost 7.2 million of them were binge drinkers. (The Center for Alcohol Marketing, 2008)
There are many reasons that have given by the young drinkers as to why they find it easy to abuse alcohol compared to other substances. They have given a variety of reasons but the availability of alcohol and lack of restrictive laws on the use of alcohol has been given as the most prevalent factor why they abuse alcohol than other drugs
It has been shown that alcohol is readily available and can be purchased without restrictions unlike other substances. But a good number of them also showed that there is little apparently control. Even when they go to their home drunk, they are not reprimanded by their parents. This is perhaps the greatest factor that has contributed to increased number of underage drinking as compared to other reasons that can be given. It shows an intricate moral decay and lack of parental control on underage drinking.
On the issue of availably of the drinks, the convenient suitor have been criticized for promoting under age drinking they have been providing drinks to the kids even without need of identification. While there are strict government laws regulation the sale of alcohol in other areas, these rules have not been well enforced in convenience stores.
The fact that there are not official to look at what kids are drinking makes it more complicated to control underage drinking. However it may be difficult for the convenience stores to put in place control measures that will ensure that underage drinkers don't purchase drinks since it has been shown that some of them come in company of their parents and purchase the drinks.
The issue of underage drinking has been tackled using a variety of tactics. The state security machinery including the police force has been directed to deal firmly with the problem. But the underage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Underage Drinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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Minimum Legal Drinking Age 380). The money that is associated with such a cost is with respect to the damages caused by drunk driving; to include: medical bills, damage to property, legal fees of representation and defense, and all other penalties or costs incurred by underage drinking. Significant research illustrates that alcohol consumption gives rise to attention deficit during routine activities (Carpenter 134). The onset of this deficit is more evident in young alcohol consumers. In order to evaluate the impacts of alcohol consumption on young consumers, various research has been performed examining fatalities faced by young consumers in their minor age. According to Smith and Geller, nearly one-third of youth deaths...
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Underage Drinking an active stage sensation-seeking, attention seeking, and risk taking behaviours which result in adverse outcomes. Alcohol is one of the main causes of such adverse outcomes which include: risky sexual behaviour, violence, injuries, health problems, suicide and homicide. There are various ways of preventing and responding to underage drinking and its outcomes. One of them is to develop social-norm interventions to reduce harm. This may involves social programs that are aimed at reducing how much and how often underage people drink as opposed to preventing alcohol drinking entirely. Overall consumption of alcohol in the community may also be reduced...
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