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Apple Computer and Krispy Kreme - Essay Example

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Apple Computer is one of the leading corporations in the field of computers and software. It has a great variety of production: Intel chip computers, Mac Book Pro (laptop), Mac mini (lowest cost desktop computer), Boot Camp (a new software product), and many other products…
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Apple Computer and Krispy Kreme
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Download file to see previous pages But Apple Computer is a rather profitable and successful corporation. Its main success is a very high quality of its production, and many customers are devoted to the company and its brand for a very long time. It offers a range of professional software products which are very popular in the world. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is a successful manager, especially after 1996 when he has returned to the corporation, and the technological potential of Apple and NeXT was put together. He terminated some products, such as Newton and OpenDoc. Under his guidance Apple Computer increased its profitability, although his official salary was $1 per year. The company is increasing its activity by new markets entering, such as music distribution and consumer electronics, and Steve Job's activity as the Apple's CEO is highly estimated by shareholders and consumers. So, if I had large amount of money I would invest Apple Computer as this company has great technological and scientific potential which can be well realised in the future.
Krispy Kreme is one of the biggest doughnut store chains in the world. It was originated in 1933 by Vernon Carver Rudolph, and now the company has about 360 U.S. stores (Krispy Kreme Press Kit). In 1990s Krispy Kreme began its international expansion by opening stores in Canada, Mexico, England and South Korea. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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