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Football Attendance - Research Proposal Example

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This research is based on four specific objectives that are generated from the study's aim of trying to find out how foot ball attendance functions. The specific objectives are, namely: why when a foot ball team is performing well my still be seeing a decline in ticket sales, why there are uncertainties in outcome from demand of tickets with performance levels of the competing teams, to find out the correlation of ticket costs, weather, day of the week, and employment status to attendance and finally, to research with focus of a football club to assess what influences are impacting on the attendance in order to develop a simple but comprehensive model of influences.
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Football Attendance
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Download file to see previous pages When it comes to data analysis, the casual design of the research will begin with checking for the accuracy of the obtained primary data from interviews before it can be fed into the computer. The data will then be inferred to describing the important points that where obtained from the interviews to achieve the objectives and the aim of the research. Ethical issues will be emphasised in the researched through referencing of sources of information in the bibliography.
The term foot ball is applied differently all over the world in terms of the sport, for example in the US it refers to the sport that involves running and kicking the ball in a competition between two teams in their attempt to score a goal. However, to its generality in the UK and other English speaking nations, foot ball also known as soccer is a sport like any other that involves manoeuvring a ball with ones foot with the aim of making goal. The game is characterised by two competing teams that comprises of eleven players. The players are usually males but with the course of time, it has seen females engage into the game. The players are restricted to a field of play where certain rules that govern the game are employed through its monitoring by a referee. The game usually lasts for ninety minutes with a half time break of fifteen minutes. However, in some instances the game can go beyond ninety minutes in what is referred to as extra time and this is usually influenced by time that is wasted due to injuries or substitutions during the course of the match that prompts the referee to halt the game for a while. This causes the referee to compensate the wasted time by extending the length of time of the game.
Foot ball's origin dates back to the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans in medieval Europe who are considered to be the inventors of this game that has seen its popularization because of the large numbers of fanatics all over the world. This game was initially associated with peasants of the time who played it as a form of leisure. It was not governed by any rules or guidelines. Many people would engage in the game at the same time making it be referred to at one time as mob football. The game would be played by teams of people against other towns which would see a chaotic game that resembled a struggle. At the time there where no goal scoring posts and would be characterized by an attempt by the players to move the ball to a certain geographical location of their opponents. The game further developed in other regions as indigenous people adopted different versions of the game such as playing it on ice or other surfaces or introducing tools that they would use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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