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Dockside Cranes - Research Paper Example

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The docks of Bristol in South West England used to be the home of huge dockside cranes like the ones pictured above. These very big steel machines are the remarkable and overwhelming pieces of evidence showcasing the highly prosperous harbour business in the place from the later 1940's up to the 1960's…
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Dockside Cranes
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Download file to see previous pages The prominent quayside cranes were exceptionally quick and those operating the heavy gears were so skilled enough to timely and efficiently cause the lifting, turning and and luffing in order to expedite the given jobs in a synchronized and corrdinated manner. The responsibilities of those drivers became more important considering the safety concerns of the other workers and laborers involved in crane and cargo operations in the port. Added to that was the fact that goods for shipment then were mostly in sack, packets or boxes and all had to be handled with utmost care to avoid merchandise damage. S & P manufactured all those sophisticated cranes which were designed, in a large part, to
All the cranes were made by Stothert & Pitt in Bath. S & P were pioneers of the use of electricity to drive cranes and came to specialise in dockside models like these - at one time, almost every port in the world had S & P cranes. These lifters were generally designed to raise objects weighing two to five tons. One dockside crane had a ten-ton capability. Somnetime in the month of November in the year 1974, the last trader call was served by these machines.1
The goods moved, loaded and unloaded by the dockside cranes in Bristol were varied, from fruits to coffee and cocoa, to nuts and beer and spirits, to tobacco and coal and even included frozen meat and many others. The strengths of the machines differed from one another and there were those with specialized functions. Many of the cranes had been dismantled for junk. The four in the photograph, all electric cranes made by S & P, were built in 1951 and still survive today. These are the last remaining old city dockside cranes in the United Kingdom which fully or partially function.2 There are no available data on the cost of each equipment, meaning the amount of money then needed to complete a dockside crane set. Neither are there information on the safetry mechanisms incorporated in every machine when it was fabricated. Nevertheless, further research and investigative study will surely arrive at those details albeit the process may take some time considering the period that had already elapsed.
Dockside cranes used for ship repair and other services
This is one of the two Stothert & Pitt dockside cranes being used by Harland and Wolff in its facilities in Northern Ireland within the east coast area. The duo consists of (a) one with a capacity of eighty tons and a height of thrity eight meters, and (b) another with a forty-ton capacity which is twenty five meters high. The complex renders ship module design, repair, construction and decommissioning services.3
The same observations have to be made that there are no available facts and figures anent safety measures and features established within the cranes and fabrication costs. There is therefore a need for inquiries with Harland and Wolff.
Cranes from China
A company from the People's Republic of China named Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. advertises availability of gigantic dockside cranes called the Goaliath cranes. It ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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