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Child psychology - Essay Example

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A child behaves in a different manner as compared to an adult. Constant changes are observed right from the birth of the child to the adult. These changes are influenced by heredity, that a child inherits from the parents through genes and other factors encompassing psychological, physical, cultural, gender, race, ethnicity and social and economic status to which an individual belongs (Exploring Child Development)…
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Child psychology Essay
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Download file to see previous pages All these factors display the maturity that child attains, physical growth, development of the body, brain and nervous system besides the competence a child bears (Development: Its Nature). This course of sequential changes brings maturity in the development. The psychological impact is seen if there occurs some genetic disorder or any cognitive problem or deprivation of natural developmental process (Development: Its Nature).
Early childhood (1 - 3 yrs), is the age of schema, cognition, sensorimotor development, a stage of awareness about object permanence, language development or preoperational stage, building words and conversation are of prime importance. This is the stage when gross and fine motor skills are developed. Growth in this stage is rapid (Development: Its Nature) and therefore nutritional requirement is more for the complete development and must include rich protein diet. In this stage development of autonomous learning and regulated actions are the prime focuses as child starts representing things with words and images but lack logical reasoning (Exploring Child Development). This can be understood with the Piaget's theory of cognitive development. The child is a keen observer at this stage; therefore psychological impact of the environment is more during this stage of development. What child grasps from the environment impacts the personality of the child. For the complete development of the child it is imperative that the child must be engaged in various activities that involve problem solving skills, more conversation must be carried out for the development of language during early childhood (Exploring Child Development).
During this stage child develops self-awareness, concept of gender and emotions. Parenting behaviors at this stage directly influences the young child development (Exploring Child Development). Any kind of parental dispute, divorce or broken relationship directly affects young child's development. It is in this stage peer and sibling relationships develop. Congenial and healthy relationships directly influences psychology of the child and fill the child with trust and faith in the relationships. Since grasping is very high in this stage, parents must understand the psychology of the child and should filter the programs on the television as they directly influence the young children's emotional and social development (Exploring Child Development). In the middle childhood (3 - 5 yrs) the growth is somewhat rapid followed by a plateau stage in late childhood (5 - 12 yrs). During this stage improvement in cognitive skills occur, thinking is more abstract, theoretical and hypothetical (Development: Its Nature). During this stage many progressive, coherent and orderly changes are observed in a definite direction. These changes are not of the same kind and are in the size, features, intellectual abilities, psychological behavior in the society, communication, logical skills, learning as a result of child's interaction with the environment and maturation in terms of revealing steady opening-up of characters or potentials present in an individual due to genetics or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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