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Social policy and practice in Canada by Alvin Finkel - Book Report/Review Example

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This book, Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History, by Alvin Finkel is basically a look into the history that analyze and evaluates the social policies in Canada. The period in concern is comparatively based on a large phase of time. It starts from the time of control of First Nation and continues up to the present day…
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Social policy and practice in Canada by Alvin Finkel
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Download file to see previous pages This book, Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History, could be enumerated as a synthesis of Canadian policies in the context of social structure that determine the evolutionary process of the social pattern with perspective of critical analysis.
In general sense it could be enumerated that Finkel's work is basically a path breaker in its own self. This is because usual works of social program is dealt as an individual aspect and are evaluated in its individual context. In these approaches the usual procedure is to evaluate a program and treat it as a significant advance. In Canada's case, each new social program is responded with alarm and as an attack to neo-liberalism. Finkel's approach is different because he showed that the left-wing and right-wing forces were always engaged in conflict to provide a specific outlook to the Canadian social policy. Finkel's arguments reveal that the impression of a wellbeing oriented state consent right during the period right at the end of the 2nd World War is basically ambiguous, and alongside the social programs conceptualized in accordance to the neo-liberal retaliation were by a large extent low as being radical than the basic common perception of the general as a whole. In other words these are projected as hugely radical and far reaching but sadly enough they are not in alliance to this depiction.
This book,
This book, Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History is in reality a non state exploration of the mechanism instrumented by the First Nations. Broadly speaking, this approach was formulated to indemnify the interests of the subsequent constituents. Furthermore, Finkel's arguments regarding the Church and its corresponding role in the region of New France reflects the parallel stand point of British North American voluntary organizations in the parameters of welfare economy. The basic arguments and evaluation of the situation enumerates the solution that indicates the basic reasons behind the gradual liquidation of the earlier established voluntary organizations and the materialization of the programs that are completely state controlled programs. In doing so it becomes important to evaluate the Canadian social policy evolution that ultimately covered a wide range of strata over numerous welfare areas. These could be enumerates as poverty, housing, child care, looking after elderly citizens and obviously health care. (Finkel, 18) It could be mentioned in this case that this book is a wonderful tool in understanding the Canadian business and labor history and reading this book makes one much more equipped and well informed on the subject. The book is not only informative in nature but it can also be stated that this book is extremely lucid and well written.
Approaching this book the background of the author proved to be extremely helpful. The author Alvin Finkel is by profession a history professor at the famous Athabasca University, Alberta. He has been working on the subject of Canadian social aspects for quite awhile and there are quite a few substantial texts published on this issue. One of his important work deals with social policy monographs and political history ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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