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Law Enforcement is always a legal aspect, with no personal opinions or favouritism coming into the picture. It is a more objective approach that one needs to undertake at the juncture. The main objective of a legal personnel would be, to protect the security and safety of citizens and cater to their security needs.
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Download file to see previous pages The case presented says that on being a police officer and being sent to an accident spot, I discover that my car is involved in the accident. It appears that my spouse is involved in the accident. However, moving closer, I learn to my shock, that my spouse is badly hurt; and her illegitimate lover is also in the car. I am devastated on learning that I have been cheated upon.
Both of them lay in badly tattered conditions and are literally on their death beds, begging for help and treatment. Now, both the individuals----my spouse and her lover---are on their death beds and I can save only one, since at least one of them would bleed to death. At this juncture, I need to take the call as to whom I would like to save; since time is a constraint and we could lose them any minute.
This is certainly one of the most testing times, in my personal and professional lives intertwined together and I need to prove my mettle in this testing time. My objectivity is questioned at this point, since I need to play the role of a police professional and a husband, who is cheated upon and whose spouse and her lover are on their death beds. Besides this, I also need to act at the nick of the moment and take the decision fast.
At this moment of uncertainty and chaos, hurt and confusion, I decide that I would save my spouse. This is because I still love her unconditionally and would not allow any deception or other causes to hamper my love and devotion. However, here, I would have to also retain my objectivity and humanity.
Therefore, I hand over my phone to a passerby and ask the person to call up the emergency ambulance. This would ensure the safety of the other individual as well. The passengers-by assure to help me out and cater to his needs. I hand over my walkie-talkie to one of them and rush to the hospital with my spouse. I stay in touch with him, with regard to the progress at the other end. This way, I am certain thta the other individual would recoup soon.
Meanwhile, I take up all the necessary steps to ensure that my spouse gets treatment. I rush her to the hospital, and perform small first aid steps on the way. I offer moral support. In spite of her guilt, I try to make her feel safe and secure. The wrong-doings can be sorted out later. However, life is more important at the moment.
Meanwhile, I also correspond with individuals and deputy officers at the spot, about the health of the other individual. I see to it that both emerge safe. However, I would definitely confront the individual and my spouse once they get better and would demand an explanation.
Legally, I would take up the necessary action and find out the root cause for the accident. A case would be booked under the law concerned, for instance, speed driving. This would be in accordance to the laws and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ETHICAL ISSUES IN LAW ENFORCEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“ETHICAL ISSUES IN LAW ENFORCEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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