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Can literature tell the truth better than other arts (Theory of knowledge) - Essay Example

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This is a interesting question. It is difficult to know whether literature can tell the truth better than other arts. First of all we have to know what kind of arts, and then what kind of literature. There are many different arts. These are film, poetry, painting and sculpture…
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Can literature tell the truth better than other arts (Theory of knowledge)
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Extract of sample "Can literature tell the truth better than other arts (Theory of knowledge)"

Download file to see previous pages Some novels are good, some are terrible. The same can be said of other art forms as well. Many paintings are really boring to look at, others you can't stop looking at them. Perhaps it is best to compare the best of novels with the best of other arts. That way the comparison will be more fair and people can see what really happens.
Literature are made up of novels and non-fiction works. A novel is very good at getting the reader inside the head of the people who are involved. For example, in the Harry Potter books, the author lets the readers know what Harry is thinking. If you compare this to the films of the books, in the films you don't know what people are thinking. But in the films you see the action better. So when you see Harry on his broomstick attacking a dragon that is better when you see it then when you read it in the book.
Films show action better than novels but also are more simple. Novels are much longer and can include more details than a film. A film tends to make things simple for the audience. A novel also takes longer to read than a film takes to watch. A person can read two days today but thirty pages tomorrow. They can then leave the book for a month without reading it at all. So a book is the kind of art that you can take at your own pace. Other arts need to be seen all at once. This is especially the case with a film. You can't really watc five minutes one day, thirty the next and then leave it for a month before watching the rest. It would not seem to make sense.
A painting, like a film, shows things rather than tells us about them. It is a picture rather than words. A painting just shows one thing, or set of things, while a novel can tell a whole story of a person or many different generations. The fact that the picture is simple makes it easier for the person who is looking at it to understand what is happening.
A sculpture is like a picture in that it shows a particular scene, and only one. The sculpture is different than either novels or films because it is very physical in nature. Some sculptures, as long as they are not too famous, can actually be touched by a person looking at them. You cannot touch a novel or a film.
A sculpture can be looked at from different angles, while a novel can only really be read in one way. If you look at a sculpture from behind it will look different from in front. But it will be the same sculpture. Is this a better view of the truth than can be found in novels In one way, yes, because it is like reale life. For example, if you meet someone for the first time you can look at them from the front or from the behind. There are different angles. This is the same with sculpture.
Theatre is a bit like sculpture, except it uses real people. You actually see real people in theatre, unlike in film where they are just light on a screen. That makes it different. Different because you can tell that they are real people on the stage. Every performance will be different. A novel is always the same, as is a film.
Poetry is an art that is like literature more than the other artes. This is because it uses words, like the novel. The only way a person can understand poetry is to read it. The poem is different from a novel in the fact that it is rather much shorter. You can read most poems in a few minutes. In one way this is like looking at a painting, or, to less extent, a film. Some poetry can be very difficult to read, even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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