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Physiology outside report - Essay Example

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My topic is fibromyalgia due to the fact that a few people I know have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or suffer from symptoms that are similar to those of the condition. The condition is extremely complicated and difficult to diagnose and treat as it is all encompassing…
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Physiology outside report
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Extract of sample "Physiology outside report"

Full and Number Fibromyalgia Physiology: Outside Report My topic is fibromyalgia due to the fact that a few people I know have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or suffer from symptoms that are similar to those of the condition. The condition is extremely complicated and difficult to diagnose and treat as it is all encompassing. In fact, many have been told that the symptoms are "in their heads". Fibromyalgia sufferers experience pain throughout the entire body and it also affects sleep patterns. Patients used to go for decades without knowing what they had. Some medical practitioners would tell them that it was "in their heads" and that they "were crazy". (Underwood, 2003, quotes Matallana, n.d.)
Claps (2002) reports in his article, "Fibromyalgia: exercise can offer relief for people who live with this painful malady" that experts now know that fibromyalgia, which affects more women than men, does exist. The term fibromyalgia describes the symptoms. Fibro refers to the fibrous tissues of the body and myalgia indicates muscular pain that is widespread. It's a form of muscular rheumatism where normal pain is amplified by the brain and spinal cord which controls the central nervous system. Even a simple touch, or something that is not really considered to be pain, will
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seem quite painful. The article explains that a well-planned, customized exercise program (that consists of the three components of fitness: cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility) can
reduce pain and increase mobility; hence, improving quality of life. Although it may seem painful to exercise, if performed correctly, physical fitness will break the cycle of pain and improve sleep which will decrease depression. Sleep problems and depression are two of the major fibromyalgia symptoms.
The pain can cause an individual to forego exercise yet as Claps (2002) quotes Goldenburg (2002) on how physical fitness can break the pain cycle, "Pain causes muscle spasm. Spasm interferes with oxygen (flow) to the muscle. Low levels of oxygen lead to lactic acid accumulation in muscle, causing more painphysical activity has a physiological effect on many of the hormones associated with the central nervous system, which is thought to be the root of fibromyalgia. If these hormones arc important players in fibromyalgia, and research almost overwhelmingly says they are, you can see why scientifically we think exercise is a good way to treat the condition."
As stated earlier, many forego exercise when dealing with the pain of fibromyalgia. However, along with dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes, exercise will help to decrease the symptoms as the human body will atrophy if not used for its very purpose-to move and to perform physical activity. The body that is not used will be more likely to develop illness, dysfunction, and loss of movement/use. (Fibromyalgia and Exercise, n.d.)
Exercise should include the three components of fitness which are cardiovascular (also known as cardiorespiratory), strength training, and flexibility (or stretching). Cardiovascular exercises work the heart and lungs and include repetitive movements. Jogging, biking, and swimming fall under this
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category. Strength training tones the muscles and this includes lifting weights, using bands, and challenging the muscles. Stretching, or flexibility training, keeps the joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible with full range of motion. (Talk the Walk: Fitness, n.d.) Although Claps (2002) suggests to "listen to your body", work at your own pace, and to be consistent in the article, it is still recommended that each individual seeks professional help when setting up a fitness program and nutritional program. It is crucial that the fibromyalgia sufferer learns each exercise and movement properly and learns, in time, which ones will help or aggravate the condition. The article does not mention the treatment with medication and/or complementary and alternative therapies. I.e. Fibromyalgia (2004) lists some drug therapies for the symptoms, "Sleep disturbances are often treated successfully with low doses of tricyclic antidepressantsPsychological disturbances can be treated with tricyclic antidepressants and sedative-hypnotics. Pain in the bones and muscles can be treated with lidocaine or procaine... Ibuprofen mayreduce muscle pain." Further investigation in the use of exercise and drug therapy for treatment of fibromyalgia is necessary as this article only focuses on physical activity.
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Claps, F. (2002). "Fibromyalgia: exercise can offer relief for people who live with this painful
malady." Muscle & Fitness/Hers, December, 2002. Goldenburg (2002). Retrieved 30 April
2006 .
Fibromyalgia (2004). Living Naturally. Retrieved 1 May 2006
Fibromyalgia and Exercise, n.d.). Retrieved 1 May 2006 .
Underwood, A. (2003). "Fibromyalgia: Not All in Your Head." 19 May 2003. Newsweek.
Matallana, L. (n.d.). Retrieved 30 April
2006 . Read More
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