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Quality Management in the Systems Building Process - Essay Example

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System building process seems to be an overwhelming task, especially for small companies. System building may be at place in many large companies. There are elements used to give a significant head start to the developing system building. Such elements include environmental compliance procedures and state-required pollution control plans…
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Quality Management in the Systems Building Process
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Download file to see previous pages Quality management has become a basic practice in business throughout the world, with the aim of customer satisfaction Daniel & Gillian (1999, p. 134). Implementation of quality management in most organizations; specifically in system building, has been determined by the desire to increase the benefits and profits in the competitive business world Bateson (2005, p. 235). Quality management techniques are specifically meant for improvement of management performance, hence resulting to increased profits.
This report represents the quality management in the system building, as portrayed by some organizations like H-R Industries. The aim of this report is to enhance and complement the importance of ISO certification in quality management. The ISO certification that will be discussed are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 series.
Most companies find that the system building gives them a significant advantage in ISO certification. For example, H-R industries, found that their ISO 9000 Quality Management System gave them a great advantage in the ISO 14001 certification Daniel & Gillian (1999, p. 231). This industry was the first PWB manufacturer in the United States of America to achieve ISO 14001 certification. It was established in 1976 and fully owned by McDonald Technologies, Inc. with about 300 workers; the company produces a variety of multilayer board, as described by Bateson (2005, p. 266).
ISO 14001certification is an international standard for the quality management systems. ISO 14001 is referred on ISO 900 hence there is a very significant overlap between the two stated standards. Management systems, whether for system protection or quality, share some common elements including training, developing and documenting procedures, auditing, record keeping, and corrective action Cazden (2007, p. 89).
This report shows the subject of quality management and states that it encompasses series of strategies used by organizations, for instance H-R Industries. Quality management increases the efficacy of the company's operations, as well as increases customer satisfaction from all points of view Bateson (2005, p. 305). In addition to that, it covers the initial steps necessary for the developing quality management in system building , and shows the similarity between necessities for ISO 14001 and ISO 900 systems Daniel & Gillian (1999, p. 163).
System building
Most companies have adopted quality management in system building process. This is because, over along time, customers had not been very satisfied with the quality of the products Daniel & Gillian (1999, p. 357). To utilize the quality management, a company should use the brainpower of its entire workers. In other words, all organization's efforts are parcel and part of a system. For this reason, no one can change one part of organization without affecting the other parts Bateson (2005, p. 299). As many companies struggle to improve the management in their system and increase the profits and benefits at the same time, many have found that system building can do more than improving the environmental performance. It can enable a company to acquire the set objectives and to achieve their business goals Cazden (2007, p. 111). By providing a systematic way of reviewing and improving operations in system building, they can help a company utilize materials ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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