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Frankenstein and Uncle Tom's Cabin - Book Report/Review Example

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We often hear the adage that life is full of surprises and the best surprises are the ones that make us smile and change us. Two examples how life's little surprises can changes lives can be found in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin…
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Frankenstein and Uncle Toms Cabin
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Extract of sample "Frankenstein and Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Download file to see previous pages In Uncle Tom's Cabin, Tom and Eva share a friendship that not only change them but it changes other who witness the bond that these two friends share. Both stories demonstrate how seemingly, small, insignificant events can impact our lives in a positive way; we simply need to recognize that they are there. Surprising incidentals teach us that sometimes the best things in life are unexpected.
In Frankenstein, the monster stumbles upon the DeLacy family while traipsing through the woods looking for a place to keep warm. In watching them interact with one another, he begins to understand human kindness. For example, when the older DeLacey plays for and the young girl, she becomes happy. The monster sees them sharing a tender moment and states that he was filled with "sensations of a peculiar and overpowering nature" (93). In his continued observance, he begins to understand that even though the family is not always happy, they share a bond that he does not understand. He writes that their "gentle manners and beauty of the cottagers greatly endeared them to me" (97). He becomes so attached to them that he feels sad when they express sadness and when they are happy, he is as well. He learns that people can be happy when they are poor or hungry because they have each other. He becomes so fond of them that he begins to gather food for them when they are sleeping. This is significant because this is the only time in the novel that the monster feels anything related to happiness and satisfaction and it occurs quite randomly in the monster's life. He did not mean for it to happen nor did he plan for it.

In Uncle Tom's Cabin, Tom and Eva share a bond that is most unlikely because of their positions in society. They are brought together in a random way; they are victims of circumstance more than anything else but they discover that they actually like one another and become friends. They do not let what other people think intrude on their feeling for one another. Eva delights Tom and she looked forward to his visits every day. She begins to read for Tom out of the Bible and nothing pleases her more. In a word, they are friends. She is too young to comprehend what other people might think about their relationship but tom is not. Their conversation regarding her death reveals how special they were to each other. We read that when she reminds him that she is going to the "spirits bright" (260), Tom's faithful heart felt a "sudden thrust" (260). He looks at her thinning hands and realizes she is correct and this makes him sad. Eva was loved by many and her relationship with Tom has a positive effect on others as they watch the two overcome racial lines. Here we see an example of an unlikely friendship forming that was not planned our sought out. The little girl and the big slave man present us with an odd image but it is one that we can remember because looks did not matter to Eva or Tom.

The best things in life are often small surprises that change us from the inside out. In Frankenstein, we see how the monster is forever changed by his encounter with the DeLacy family. This is a small part of the book but it is one of the most significant because the monster has the opportunity to see how people really live. Until he discovers them, he thinks that all humans are mean. They change his impression and they also teach him about kindness, love, and education. The most significant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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