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Psychology: Schizophrenia: R.D Laing - Essay Example

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The introductory passages deal with the not so registered meanings of the experiences and issues that schizoid and schizophrenic person deals everyday that can be found in clinical psychology and psychopathology, rather more understandably explained and cleared by existential-phenomenological method that demonstrate their true human relevance and significance…
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Psychology: Schizophrenia: R.D Laing
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Download file to see previous pages there is no world without the person and no person without world. Further, Mr. Laing discusses that there is always one (biased) paradigm stronger than other which makes us experience certain things in a particular way. Other person can have different paradigm of experiencing certain things in a different perspective, as seen in picture below. There is an ongoing clash, comparison and contrast b/w "organism" and "person" views.
Existential phenomenology is what gives meaning of ones own self and the world in which that individual lives, and dwells. The potentially tragic paradox, that our relatedness to others is an essential aspect of our being, as is our separateness, but any particular person is not a necessary part of our being. This relatedness is used in psychotherapy to give complete therapy to patients.
Psychotic, terming a person psychotic does not entirely prove his/her schizophrenic tendency in all terms. Besides, it is how a person chooses to portray him/herself in society and among other fellow people that we mend our definitions (rather thresholds) of madness/craziness. A normally living person might me more dangerous to himself and others according to his/her mental states which he/she do not choose to show them, and a schizophrenic declared person would be more dependably certain in his true state. The more stress in further chapter is impressed upon the psychiatrist-patient relation and interaction with each other. How the patient reacts to the questions put to him/her by the psychiatrist basically depend upon the level and quality of interaction those two have. On the analysis of a patient there still can be two ways of interpretation of what the mental state, the patient has currently. Hence, it is more than essential not to base the judgment solely on the basis of patients reaction to the questions of the psychiatrist, there is more complexity to it than how much simple it appears. There is a formal analysis (interpretation) tagged on the clinical psychiatry for patients speech and behavior, which terms as limitation in judging correctly the socio-historical state of the patients. The main assertion here that the author is trying to make is that only scientific knowledge and experimentation is not sufficient for the holistic analysis of a patients state of mind. Rather, a humane and concentrated focused (keeping your own voice down so that you can hear what others have to say) attitude is very much essential as well as necessary in order to understand the patient from every aspect. The psychiatrist should examine the patient without any spectacles of clinical terms and human behavior categories, and then according to the pure analysis (free from any previous paradigms in mind). The art of understanding those aspects of an individual's being which we can observe, as expressive of his mode of being-in-the-world, requires us to relate his actions to his way of experiencing the situation he is in with us. A very nice way of summarizing the arguments is a very simple sentence taken from the book (page 33):
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