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The following paper is business plan. The corporation or the firm is taking the necessary steps to get ready for fulfilling the objectives. The plan entails property sale and purchase, refurbishing of on the land and property in Apulia. Although as per experts there is nothing in Apulia that there will be interested candidates…
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Business Plan for EuroFlorida
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Download file to see previous pages More and more frequently, the "grey gold" of north Europe (Scandinavia, Germany and the UK) are liquefying their assets and moving to south Europe. Their destinations are often Spain and south France. Indeed in Spain a large building industry has started up building "pensioner complexes" to cater for the market, similarly in south France, house prices are rising significantly. Smaller markets in the English-speaking Med (Gibraltar and Malta) have seen very dramatic rises in real estate value. However Apulia (the "heel" of Italy) is a relatively undiscovered region; prices are very reasonable and indeed, for a decade, Apulia was the poorest region of the (old) EU. The infrastructure, however, is excellent, with an airport at Bari, a motorway all the way to Vienna and the European net, excellent train connections within Italy and by ferry to Greece. Climatically Apulia is the second most "blessed" region of the EU, after Portugal's Algarve. Temperatures are, however, not extreme and the landscape is lush, fertile and green. It is an area of small industry, as well as being extremely rich in culture & history.
This plan sets out EuroFlorida objectives and targets for 2009 /10...
The Mission and vision:
EuroFlorida's contractual obligation is to be able to render Europe's finest service for promising the possession of property in addition to other assisting property business. EuroFlorida's revelation is carrying out property dealings which are unproblematic for all. In order to be able to accomplish this visualization, EuroFlorida will need to present an array of alternative selections to their clientele , this is the element that will make them capable enough to conduct a complete transaction in a way that would be most appropriate to their personal otherwise trade requirements, however be able to equalize this alongside the responsibility towards the government within the Apulia state as a major stakeholder to present a cost efficient resolution.

The long term premeditated objectives:

EuroFlorida's approach is looking forward towards developing as well as improving the already existing land and property. Together with initiating work over the new found property for providing services, and satisfying the needs of our clientele, along with the by and large desire of carrying out property dealings that would satisfy most of our customers. This matter to be precise will encompass carrying out sales and purchase deals, refurbishing deals, and other property deals that are included in our services. These services in total have been specified time and again within the coming pages of this paper. The management at EuroFlorida has been able to recognize the following major segments. At the same time as the customer dealing system is most likely going to be World Wide Web, the most important dare is within the supply chain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Plan for EuroFlorida Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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